Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today. Bad day for me. Good day for Obama.

Today wasn't one of my best days.
I had a dream last night or early this morning (sometime before 6am) that I was trying to get away from something horrid anyway I could. But no matter what I did, I couldn't. I was helpless. And if there's a feeling I could never like in any way, it's helplessness.
Couple that with miscellaneous leftover bad feelings from yesterday, such as losing the hockey match ...

Lol. Barack Obama won the American election. Guess his name would've helped with advertising, wouldn't it? Seriously though, it was pretty obvious he was gonna win, and he looked like one of the better candidates of the lot.
Like, much better than Sarah Palin or whatever her name was. All that stuff about her ... like the clothing and newspaper stuff ... you wouldn't want such a figure at the head of such a powerful country.
That Clinton chick or whoever she was, she was pretty big in the beginning. But what happened to her? She dropped out of the spotlight somehow. Can't even remember her name.
I never heard anything about that McCain guy except that no-one liked him.

That's all I really got to say at the moment ... nothing really happening ...
If I think of something, it'll be in next post. Duh.

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