Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not thinking ... so nichts besonderes is coming from my typing

It was OK.
We had some tax office thing, were people from the ATO came in and told us to get tax file numbers. Or else.
Rhoddie and Puzzle cos of their stupid teacher got failed in their History exam. I hate that teacher. She can be good, but at the end of the day ...
Crystal was excited cos she was taking the bus home with Brad. She was literally counting down the minutes ... :)
I had heapsa fun cos I could TALK PROPERLY today, pretty much ALL day, whereas I hadn't been able to do that for a full two weeks (at least I think it was two weeks ... yes it is ...). YAY!!!! Although, my throat was really bad after Drama cos we were reading through some Monty Python scripts. They were so funny though! And I even likes the Spam one! Viking (singing): Spam, spam, lovely spam, wondeful spam!
I also had fun cos I got to play OzTag. Even though my nose was running miles.
It felt so people-missing today though! Cos Katie and Jodie are in Sydney for State debating. :( WE MISS YOUSE!

Lol. It seems that me having a blog has caused a chain reaction. A few of my friends have started some up, and then their friends have ...

At the moment I don't wanna think. It's too hot to think. It's too BORING to think ...
And if I did start thinking, who knows where the thoughts could end up. So much better just to sit here gazing into the depths of the computer screen ... which isn't very deep. Yep, you heard that right computer. You are SHALLOW.
See why I don't wanna think? I might start talking to the computer! Or worse!


Well, there's your fix of nichts besonderes for the moment. You might get something better when I start wanting to think. Auf Wiedersehen!
(Wait ... is that how you spell it? WHAT DOES IT MATTER ANYWAY! I'M NOT THINKING!)

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