Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick or sick - which do you choose?

I found out a sparky thing today. The Irish band Clannad is made up of brothers and sisters. One person who used to be in that band, and therefore one of the siblings, is Enya. You know, the person who did things like Orinoco Flow and Book of Days, and she has a new album out soon?
Sparky as!
But it just goes to show how small Ireland is ...

I've been taken off some medication, an antibiotic, I was on cos apparently it was making me sick. And now that I'm not taking it, I'm sick AGAIN, cos it was holding some infection at bay.
On or off, it doesn't seem to matter!
So now I can hardly talk, my mouth nose throat ear head hurt ... whereas before it was just bad stomach and head aches! Put me back on!

Lol, one of the socks I'm wearing has heaps of holes and the other is in pristine condition compared to it.
I like socks. I almost always wear them. It feels weird not wearing them for an extended period of time.

Hmmmmmmmmm, cos of the infection I missed school today ...
I made some pact to be at school to rehearse for drama. Even if I dragged my sick body to school it wouldn't've helped. I can't speak ... it's more of a whistle. Funny to hear :)

Bye all


Laura said...

Oh, that's so bad!
Is the sickness to do with the diabetes?

I hate being sick.

Sonja said...

Nup nothing to do with the diabetes ...