Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I guess I did say I'd put some of my poetry on ...
I wrote this a bit over a month and a half ago. It's OK. Not my best. But it's not too gloomy either. My poetry tends to be quite gloomy. It's just easier to write that way. Always has been. In Yr 6 pretty much every character I wrote about dies, lol.

The Night Is Calling
Pools of ink around me
Taunting the feeble streetlight
A carpet of pitch embraces me
A gentle hand blocking my sight
A fervent shiver through the shade
An energy springs into being
Lethargy does go and fade
For the night is ... freeing
The night is whispering urgently
Can you not hear it?
The night is beckoning insistently
How can you not answer it?
Compulsive actions
Inevitable reactions
The night is calling
The bonds are falling
Out in the black I wander
Doing as I will when I will
Memories gloomy always fonder
Come now and take your fill

This next one I wrote for those in my life who've been touched by depression. It's amazing, the amount of people who are. It's also not fair.
And for those I wrote it for, I hope you find your stars ...

Stars and Storms
The bleak sky
Has two small specks of light
But behind her
The winds hurl themselves around
Angering the clouds
Which spew hot blue lightning
And boulders of hail
It has become a race
A deadly game
As the storm behind her
Sets its sight on those weak distant stars
If she can fend off the storm
Of her depression and fury
She will reach the stars
And have peace a while
Peace enough to carry her through
Whatever comes next
So run girl run
And win this race

Anyway, if you want to read more of my poetry, check out my deviantART [link]

Sooooooooooo ...
Reading some of my schoolfriends' blogs. Seems as if all us are facing some storms of our own at the moment. Honestly tho, u add up all the problems me and some of my friends have had ...
Apart from feeling bad for some of my friends atm tho, and not going to skool cos today my throat was sore as and I felt tired as a rat on heapsa tranquilisers, I'm pretty good.

Ugh, the song going thru my head! So outta place! I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA. Come on! And to think it's THAT going through my head when the only music I've listened to today was a bit of 30 Seconds To Mars!
The world is weird sometimes ...

I got a Gmail account yesterday or the day before. Gmail, despite what my friend Mado says, is really good. But then, hers doesn't have many functions ... it's just a basic one for school. It's a primary school email account.
Yay, she's coming to my school next year :)

*sigh* Just rambling on here, really. Gives me something to do.
Bye for now ...


Laura said...

That's a good poem. :)
I loved it.

I have never heard that ABBA song but then again, there are many ABBA songs I haven't heard.

Sonja said...

Thanx ... but ... which poem? THERE ARE TWO THERE!

Miss Girl said...

OMG i luv those poems!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonja said...

Thanx, R <3

Anonymous said...

I liked your poems!both of them:)