Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paramore love <3

"Explain to me
This conspiracy against me"
-Conspiracy, Paramore
I got Paramore's first album today
V happy!
The library didn't have it, so I had to buy it :(
Bad library!
They'd betta have Short Stack. Short Stack is funneh!
Guess what? THEY DON'T

Can't WAIT til Paramore's next album comes out. And it'll have my most fave song ever on there! It's called Decode. It's also on the Twilight soundtrack, when IT comes out ...
Oh yeah, piccy description! It be Paramore. That's Hayley in front :) With the SPARKILY SPARKY hair :):) I love that hair ...
Okizay onto other things. Dad is making a cake. The cake is for me :) Cos it was my bday earlier in the week :) My sister Katherine is playing the X-box, Lego Star Wars I think, and my other sister Emily is watching her. NO IDEA what Mum is doing ... could be uni stuff ... or sleeping ... :)


Laura said...

Hayley is gorgeous. Her hair is fabulous. ^_^

I heard the song Decode on the radio yesterday.

Can I have a piece of cake?
Fine then, I'll make my own cake.

Sonja said...

i know, decode is the best song EVER ...