Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok, so SICK of RW (uhhh ... Robbie Williams ... ) and pretty much everything ...

One of my friends who I actually get to see regularly has a blog now :)

Anyone who likes the song 'Angels', by Robbie Williams ... I do not understand you, and never will.
Yes that means at least half my family. But it's true!
Rofl, Robbie Williams thinks he's Sean Connery reincarnated. Hate to break it to ya, buddy ... BUT THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL YOU ARE!

What I wouldn't give to be doing something like some photography right now ... but I haven't got a camera, and I don't have any good programs to stuff around with the photo later. :(
I just want something to do! So sick of the usual reading, drawing, running around, writing even!

School ...
Geography in particular. A 5 minute presentation and speech on some current global issue? Ok, I don't mind learning and researching about some, but that's too far. And he's just a weird teacher ... and I don't like his attitude at ALL when it comes to religion. He just doesn't understand religion and it seems like he's out there to offend anyone with any slight religious belief.
I guess that apart from some small things school is pretty good. But those 'small' things ... really don't seem that small! Far from it!

Anyways, bye now ... off to do whatever, I guess ... get ready for hockey.
Yay. Hockey. SOMETHING to look forward to.


Laura said...

I don't like Angels by Robbie Williams either.
Apparently it got 4th in the Maccas Most Loved Song competition.
I was shocked that it even got on the Top Ten. O_O

Sonja said...

Most LOVED song????????????