Monday, November 10, 2008

Jensen Ackles and yellow arm-sock-like things

Youse have all GOT to watch this:
Sorry, but the video won't upload so you gotta take the link.
Trust me you will never regret watching it. It is HILARIOUS!
It's Jensen Ackles singing to 'Eye of the Tiger' at the end of a Supernatural episode ... a SPARKY episode :) Dean caught this sickness which made you scared of everything :)

Out of system now ... sorta ... WATCH IT!

I was watching the Power Rangers movie, with the dinosaurs and the school and all (yes, childish I know but some of my cousins wanted to watch it) and the girl Kira was wearing these SPARKY arm-sock things. I WANT THEM.

Here is piccy :)
Look at arm
Note the yellow sock-like thing

That's all there's time for today folks!
Catch ya


Laura said...

Jensen Ackles is adorable. ^_^

ALSO: Those yellow arm things look really cool.
Do you know where to get them?

Sonja said...

No I don't know where to get them
So I'll just have to make my own.
Then I'll have some :):):):)