Thursday, November 27, 2008

NOW it's NOT nichts besonderes cos I'm thinking

Huh. Seems that heapsa people are just using their blogs for diary purposes. Me? No. I already keep a diary, on paper and currently with black ink. Much more private when I'm the only one allowed to read it. And would I let someone read my diary? HELL NO! SO DON'T ASK!
Why did I start blogging then, you ask? FOR SOMETHING TO DO. I was bored the day I started. And besides, it sounded fun. It has been.

Lol. In uni, cultural studies is shortened as CULT. Would you like to join a cult? It only cost on average about $10 000 last year!
Uhuh, apparently uni entry fees last year were an average of $10 000. Scary, no?
And join our soccer (SOCA - sociolog and social anthropolgy) club for the same fee!

Yep, I'm thinking now. Which means soon I shold be getting to homework. Never stops ... :(

"No noose is good noose!"
How true.

Bye now. Off to conquer Homeworkland.


Laura said...

LOL. I'd join the CULT. Only if Dale Thomas was there. :)

I wouldn't use my blog as a diary. Well, I might but I wouldn't put in anything personal or secret.

Laura said...

Hey Sonja.
Check out the new competition in the writer-in-residence.
I need help with it. =\

Sonja said...


amira-la said...

I don't use my blog as a diary. If I did, some stalker could kidnap me. Diaries are for the diary keeper's eyes only.

Thacy said...

yeah.. I agree about the diary's.... although I hope I don't use my blog that way.. I jsut tell what has happened during the day.. not about my personal feelings. unless i need to vent... venting is good!!
oh btw.. I'm from Queensland and I met Sonja on my friends blog who is her friend.... hey everyone!!!
I feel like an intruder... oh well!! intruding is fun!!

and CULT... I'm not really in to that kind of stuff.. cultural sudies that is...

Steph said...

Cult immediately made me think of a movie called Hot Fuzz. See it and find out why.

I'm too annoying to kidnap, and my parents don't have enough money for a million dollar ransom. Just warning ya, in case you were planning on doing that.

Also, I thought it was quite funny on the side bar how the link to my blog is right next to Scott Westerfield's. I know only I would find that amusing.

Sonja said...

Steph, you DO realise that your name is there cos it's in alphabetical order ... uhuh, I'm organised ... in some things ...