Sunday, November 16, 2008

[Insert Title Here]

OK, the diagnosis was some virus thing. Which gave me head cold, ear infection, tonsilitus and bad headaches. Along with a weird itchy / sore mouth - what's up with that? And I've still STILL got stomach aches ...
PLUS this week I have my yearly exams. How am I expected to do them when every coupla minutes I've been walking to the tissue box? Or trying to block out my headache?
Something is seriously wrong with some people if they expect you to do your yearlies like that.

This picture (which is pretty sparky!) is 'Dragon Reflection', by Anne Stokes. I came across it n this art book I was reading. I like it! Especially with how the reflection is done. It gets you thinking ...

This one, which I found in the same book, is 'Angel of Death' by Abrar Ajmal. The concept is quite interesting, and it's definitely a good artwork.
So what does everyone think of those two artworks?

At the moment I'm reading the Obernewtyn Chronicles. They're written by Isobelle Carmody. The fifth book came out fairly recently. In a way I'm a little annoyed, cos the fourth book had a good definitive ending, and because the fifth one is open and there are obviously going to be more books, I'm gonna have to wait for them. But it's a good series, so overall I was pretty excited.

Alright, I shall go now ... but don't worry! I'll be back soon.


Laura said...

Those pictures look interesting!

I know, they shouldn't make you do exams when you're sick.
Anyway, aren't you in year 7? I started exams in year 9.

Sonja said...

I'm in Yr8

Laura said...



Sonja said...

That WAS an epic fail ... :)