Saturday, November 8, 2008

CD's, MP3 players, computers, books, video clips ...

I just took a CD out of the drive and it's lyk I put it in the microwave on high for a few minutes. Not nice on my poor fingers.

I'm trying to find a cord so I can link my MP3 to the computer. I can't find it. Dad musta hidden it :(
He hasn't been too nice lately. Always grumpy, doling out punishments, etc.
Ok, it wasn't Dad. Mum musta moved it cos it was on her textbook, which was on her desk.

Just requested the Obernewtyn Chronicles from the library. Again. Cos I just reread Obernewtyn.
Isobelle Carmody is a great author. But a lot of my friends aren't into the fantasy genre. Tho I got a friend who supposedly DIDN'T lyk fantasy to read Sabriel, by Garth Nix. She loved it. :)

OMIGOSH the Living End's Moment In the Sun video clip was just on! SO SPARKY!
Trust me it was! Even if I wasn't so biased I'd say that!
They oughta put on Paramore's Decode video clip. I wanna see that. It was released a couple of days ago, the 3rd ...

Anyways, going now ... bye!


Laura said...

I love fantasy.
I have read the Obernewton (I can't spell) book.
I think.

I read The Gathering too. I think that's written by Isabelle Carmody. ^_^

Sonja said...

I started reading the Gathering but couldn't get into it .... but most of her other books are pretty good