Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on sickness hell ... and some more stuff

Hey guys

I went to the doctor's today, a follow-up from my previous one. Seems that on top of whatever the viral infection I have has already given me - head cold, ear infection, tonsilitus and headaches - that I may have some thyroid problems or glandular fever. This just keeps getting better and better (!)
But despite that, I am feeling a little bit better and should be at school on Monday.
When I don't have that blood test ... it's needed to confirm that thyroid stuff ...

My mum had knee surgery yesterday, and she's in the hospital recovering. She looks OK. Once she's fully recovered she'll be better off than how she started. But that'll take time ...
Yesterday they had this drain in her leg, I'm not sure what for. It was full of blood though. I didn't know you could lose that much blood and still be in relatively good shape.

I know it sounds stupid but I can't wait to get back to school. I haven't seen any of my friends from there in over a week. Sad-making :(
I'm worried sick (lol NO~, no reference to my physical state intended) about some of my friends ...

This is the official Decode music video I love that song. The trailer is pretty good. It uses clips from the movie Twilight (the song is also part of the movie soundtrack) and there's also Paramore in there too - what good music video doesn't have some representation of the band in it?

LOL, I just remembered something ... My cousin Madi was asked by some of her friends who she likes, but she either didn't want to say or didn't like a guy at that moment, so after getting pressured she makes up some random guy and calls him Tyler Clark. Yesterday I was reading some magazine she and I like (most of yas wouldn't know it) and there was this article written by a ... *drum roll* ... TYLER CLARK!
Oh, her reaction when I showed her ...

Anyways, that's all for now.


Mae said...

Ouch.. poor you.. I hate going to the doctors - lol
Haha pretty sad.. I mean how many people do you know would wanna go back to school after.. like a week XD
Lol I guess I haven't really been away from school that long.. (haha not a goody-too shoes!)
Oh and yeah.. pretty obvious to most peoples for where to log in for my blog XD A lot of the guys that I know are pretty dumb though.. so yeah that's probably why (LOL)
So how've you been? It looks like you've gotten a new layout :D (or is that just me.. o.O)

Sonja said...

I've been OK, all things considered :D
I guess it's not really the school side I wanna go back for, I wanna see my friends ... but some of school is OK.

I've had this layout a bit, two weeks at the most. Only put that picture at the top of the page on less than half an hour ago.

Laura said...

Oh, it isn't good being sick.

Well done on winning the competition. :)