Monday, November 17, 2008

Anne Stokes be a SPARKY artist ... with devART account! :)

Just very quickly:

That sparky artist, Anne Stokes, who did that 'Dragon Reflection' artwork I featured in the previous entry? She has a deviantART account! YAY :)
It be: and her gallery:
Look and be amazed! I sure was!

SO hope I don't go and commit academic suicide in these yearlies ... I haven't been in good condition to study cos I've been so sick lately. It's gonna cost me. Unfairly :'(
SO not looking forward to this ...

Til next time


Laura said...
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Laura said...

Don't stress over yearly exams.
Don't even call them YEARLY EXAMS.
Just call them YEAR 8 EXAMS or something.

Don't stress in year 8. I didn't.
ALSO: My friend got sick a lot in year 8 and she's going fine now. She just dropped Maths because she stuffed that up in year 8 cos she was sick.