Thursday, November 27, 2008

NOW it's NOT nichts besonderes cos I'm thinking

Huh. Seems that heapsa people are just using their blogs for diary purposes. Me? No. I already keep a diary, on paper and currently with black ink. Much more private when I'm the only one allowed to read it. And would I let someone read my diary? HELL NO! SO DON'T ASK!
Why did I start blogging then, you ask? FOR SOMETHING TO DO. I was bored the day I started. And besides, it sounded fun. It has been.

Lol. In uni, cultural studies is shortened as CULT. Would you like to join a cult? It only cost on average about $10 000 last year!
Uhuh, apparently uni entry fees last year were an average of $10 000. Scary, no?
And join our soccer (SOCA - sociolog and social anthropolgy) club for the same fee!

Yep, I'm thinking now. Which means soon I shold be getting to homework. Never stops ... :(

"No noose is good noose!"
How true.

Bye now. Off to conquer Homeworkland.

Not thinking ... so nichts besonderes is coming from my typing

It was OK.
We had some tax office thing, were people from the ATO came in and told us to get tax file numbers. Or else.
Rhoddie and Puzzle cos of their stupid teacher got failed in their History exam. I hate that teacher. She can be good, but at the end of the day ...
Crystal was excited cos she was taking the bus home with Brad. She was literally counting down the minutes ... :)
I had heapsa fun cos I could TALK PROPERLY today, pretty much ALL day, whereas I hadn't been able to do that for a full two weeks (at least I think it was two weeks ... yes it is ...). YAY!!!! Although, my throat was really bad after Drama cos we were reading through some Monty Python scripts. They were so funny though! And I even likes the Spam one! Viking (singing): Spam, spam, lovely spam, wondeful spam!
I also had fun cos I got to play OzTag. Even though my nose was running miles.
It felt so people-missing today though! Cos Katie and Jodie are in Sydney for State debating. :( WE MISS YOUSE!

Lol. It seems that me having a blog has caused a chain reaction. A few of my friends have started some up, and then their friends have ...

At the moment I don't wanna think. It's too hot to think. It's too BORING to think ...
And if I did start thinking, who knows where the thoughts could end up. So much better just to sit here gazing into the depths of the computer screen ... which isn't very deep. Yep, you heard that right computer. You are SHALLOW.
See why I don't wanna think? I might start talking to the computer! Or worse!


Well, there's your fix of nichts besonderes for the moment. You might get something better when I start wanting to think. Auf Wiedersehen!
(Wait ... is that how you spell it? WHAT DOES IT MATTER ANYWAY! I'M NOT THINKING!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well, I guess I did say I'd put some of my poetry on ...
I wrote this a bit over a month and a half ago. It's OK. Not my best. But it's not too gloomy either. My poetry tends to be quite gloomy. It's just easier to write that way. Always has been. In Yr 6 pretty much every character I wrote about dies, lol.

The Night Is Calling
Pools of ink around me
Taunting the feeble streetlight
A carpet of pitch embraces me
A gentle hand blocking my sight
A fervent shiver through the shade
An energy springs into being
Lethargy does go and fade
For the night is ... freeing
The night is whispering urgently
Can you not hear it?
The night is beckoning insistently
How can you not answer it?
Compulsive actions
Inevitable reactions
The night is calling
The bonds are falling
Out in the black I wander
Doing as I will when I will
Memories gloomy always fonder
Come now and take your fill

This next one I wrote for those in my life who've been touched by depression. It's amazing, the amount of people who are. It's also not fair.
And for those I wrote it for, I hope you find your stars ...

Stars and Storms
The bleak sky
Has two small specks of light
But behind her
The winds hurl themselves around
Angering the clouds
Which spew hot blue lightning
And boulders of hail
It has become a race
A deadly game
As the storm behind her
Sets its sight on those weak distant stars
If she can fend off the storm
Of her depression and fury
She will reach the stars
And have peace a while
Peace enough to carry her through
Whatever comes next
So run girl run
And win this race

Anyway, if you want to read more of my poetry, check out my deviantART [link]

Sooooooooooo ...
Reading some of my schoolfriends' blogs. Seems as if all us are facing some storms of our own at the moment. Honestly tho, u add up all the problems me and some of my friends have had ...
Apart from feeling bad for some of my friends atm tho, and not going to skool cos today my throat was sore as and I felt tired as a rat on heapsa tranquilisers, I'm pretty good.

Ugh, the song going thru my head! So outta place! I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do by ABBA. Come on! And to think it's THAT going through my head when the only music I've listened to today was a bit of 30 Seconds To Mars!
The world is weird sometimes ...

I got a Gmail account yesterday or the day before. Gmail, despite what my friend Mado says, is really good. But then, hers doesn't have many functions ... it's just a basic one for school. It's a primary school email account.
Yay, she's coming to my school next year :)

*sigh* Just rambling on here, really. Gives me something to do.
Bye for now ...


Book-A-Minute is a great site [link]
Here are some of my favourites from there:

Romeo: Oh, Juliet!
Juliet: Oh, Romeo!
Romeo: Oh, Juliet!
Juliet: Oh, Romeo!
Romeo: Oh, Juliet! (dies)
Juliet: Oh, Romeo!......Romeo?......Dammit.

Ancient Mariner: I am creepy and old. Listen to me.
Wedding Guest: I'm late, but I'll listen.
Ancient Mariner: I killed an albatross. Then everyone died.

Edward Cullen: Hoo mama, I can't decide whether to drink your blood or kiss you passionately.
Bella Swan: That's hot.

(EUSTACE and JILL run away from some bullies and end up in NARNIA. They fret over a bunch of SIGNS, then go underground and learn about the evils of ATHEISM. They go back to England with CASPIAN and beat the living daylights out of some KIDS.)

Ok, there yas go, some things to laugh at.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Well, I'm gonna be making a few chages on my blog (if you hadn't already noticed ... ). In a week, I'll be changing the URL to to fit in with the title. Yeah, I like changing things like this. I'm of a fickle mind with some things.

REALLY sorry about the depressed tone of the last blog. It's just really getting me down.

Ok. Next post I will probably put some of my poetry on ...
Tho I may chicken out ... :)

G2G, bye!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Sombre Note

What I am doing at the moment: listening alternately to 'Addicted' by Behind Crimson Eyes and 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' by Short Stack, trying to block out my thoughts of today, trying to calm down ...
I'm afraid today was NOT the best of days. Unfortunately that seems to be happening a lot these days, no matter how much I try not to let anything work me up.

I just realised how many bands I like come from Melbourne. It's really weird.

"I hope you drop dead gorgeous
I hope you drop dead anyway!"
Lol, that song is so funny.

I'm sorry guys, I know I go on about songs heaps. But I like my music. And it's so easy to relate to - even more so than books. I think that's because music more truly reflects what life can be like, and in a more stirring way. Whereas books are only words on a page. Music has words, sound, layers ...
Anyway, enough of the philosophy. I do that enough without having to plague others about it.

"All your faking
Shows you're breaking"
So true ... :(

The Rogue Trader song 'What Your On' ... I seem to be understanding that now. I always thought WTH????!!!! when I heard it ... but something's changed, and it makes so much sense. And to think it's so sad and I never realised ...

Yeah yeah yeah I'm bashing myself today. But I deserve it. I told myself I'd do something, something really important for me, and I didn't, couldn't, wouldn't do it ... whichever it was. And what hurts more is that at odd times I try to justify it. There is no justification for failing myself.

And on that sombre note, I leave.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Update on sickness hell ... and some more stuff

Hey guys

I went to the doctor's today, a follow-up from my previous one. Seems that on top of whatever the viral infection I have has already given me - head cold, ear infection, tonsilitus and headaches - that I may have some thyroid problems or glandular fever. This just keeps getting better and better (!)
But despite that, I am feeling a little bit better and should be at school on Monday.
When I don't have that blood test ... it's needed to confirm that thyroid stuff ...

My mum had knee surgery yesterday, and she's in the hospital recovering. She looks OK. Once she's fully recovered she'll be better off than how she started. But that'll take time ...
Yesterday they had this drain in her leg, I'm not sure what for. It was full of blood though. I didn't know you could lose that much blood and still be in relatively good shape.

I know it sounds stupid but I can't wait to get back to school. I haven't seen any of my friends from there in over a week. Sad-making :(
I'm worried sick (lol NO~, no reference to my physical state intended) about some of my friends ...

This is the official Decode music video I love that song. The trailer is pretty good. It uses clips from the movie Twilight (the song is also part of the movie soundtrack) and there's also Paramore in there too - what good music video doesn't have some representation of the band in it?

LOL, I just remembered something ... My cousin Madi was asked by some of her friends who she likes, but she either didn't want to say or didn't like a guy at that moment, so after getting pressured she makes up some random guy and calls him Tyler Clark. Yesterday I was reading some magazine she and I like (most of yas wouldn't know it) and there was this article written by a ... *drum roll* ... TYLER CLARK!
Oh, her reaction when I showed her ...

Anyways, that's all for now.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm still flipping sick with no sign that it's letting up.

I keep getting bad news each day.

I'll write more later. But Dad wants me to go to bed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Anne Stokes be a SPARKY artist ... with devART account! :)

Just very quickly:

That sparky artist, Anne Stokes, who did that 'Dragon Reflection' artwork I featured in the previous entry? She has a deviantART account! YAY :)
It be: and her gallery:
Look and be amazed! I sure was!

SO hope I don't go and commit academic suicide in these yearlies ... I haven't been in good condition to study cos I've been so sick lately. It's gonna cost me. Unfairly :'(
SO not looking forward to this ...

Til next time

Sunday, November 16, 2008

[Insert Title Here]

OK, the diagnosis was some virus thing. Which gave me head cold, ear infection, tonsilitus and bad headaches. Along with a weird itchy / sore mouth - what's up with that? And I've still STILL got stomach aches ...
PLUS this week I have my yearly exams. How am I expected to do them when every coupla minutes I've been walking to the tissue box? Or trying to block out my headache?
Something is seriously wrong with some people if they expect you to do your yearlies like that.

This picture (which is pretty sparky!) is 'Dragon Reflection', by Anne Stokes. I came across it n this art book I was reading. I like it! Especially with how the reflection is done. It gets you thinking ...

This one, which I found in the same book, is 'Angel of Death' by Abrar Ajmal. The concept is quite interesting, and it's definitely a good artwork.
So what does everyone think of those two artworks?

At the moment I'm reading the Obernewtyn Chronicles. They're written by Isobelle Carmody. The fifth book came out fairly recently. In a way I'm a little annoyed, cos the fourth book had a good definitive ending, and because the fifth one is open and there are obviously going to be more books, I'm gonna have to wait for them. But it's a good series, so overall I was pretty excited.

Alright, I shall go now ... but don't worry! I'll be back soon.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

sick or sick - which do you choose?

I found out a sparky thing today. The Irish band Clannad is made up of brothers and sisters. One person who used to be in that band, and therefore one of the siblings, is Enya. You know, the person who did things like Orinoco Flow and Book of Days, and she has a new album out soon?
Sparky as!
But it just goes to show how small Ireland is ...

I've been taken off some medication, an antibiotic, I was on cos apparently it was making me sick. And now that I'm not taking it, I'm sick AGAIN, cos it was holding some infection at bay.
On or off, it doesn't seem to matter!
So now I can hardly talk, my mouth nose throat ear head hurt ... whereas before it was just bad stomach and head aches! Put me back on!

Lol, one of the socks I'm wearing has heaps of holes and the other is in pristine condition compared to it.
I like socks. I almost always wear them. It feels weird not wearing them for an extended period of time.

Hmmmmmmmmm, cos of the infection I missed school today ...
I made some pact to be at school to rehearse for drama. Even if I dragged my sick body to school it wouldn't've helped. I can't speak ... it's more of a whistle. Funny to hear :)

Bye all

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jensen Ackles and yellow arm-sock-like things

Youse have all GOT to watch this:
Sorry, but the video won't upload so you gotta take the link.
Trust me you will never regret watching it. It is HILARIOUS!
It's Jensen Ackles singing to 'Eye of the Tiger' at the end of a Supernatural episode ... a SPARKY episode :) Dean caught this sickness which made you scared of everything :)

Out of system now ... sorta ... WATCH IT!

I was watching the Power Rangers movie, with the dinosaurs and the school and all (yes, childish I know but some of my cousins wanted to watch it) and the girl Kira was wearing these SPARKY arm-sock things. I WANT THEM.

Here is piccy :)
Look at arm
Note the yellow sock-like thing

That's all there's time for today folks!
Catch ya

Saturday, November 8, 2008

CD's, MP3 players, computers, books, video clips ...

I just took a CD out of the drive and it's lyk I put it in the microwave on high for a few minutes. Not nice on my poor fingers.

I'm trying to find a cord so I can link my MP3 to the computer. I can't find it. Dad musta hidden it :(
He hasn't been too nice lately. Always grumpy, doling out punishments, etc.
Ok, it wasn't Dad. Mum musta moved it cos it was on her textbook, which was on her desk.

Just requested the Obernewtyn Chronicles from the library. Again. Cos I just reread Obernewtyn.
Isobelle Carmody is a great author. But a lot of my friends aren't into the fantasy genre. Tho I got a friend who supposedly DIDN'T lyk fantasy to read Sabriel, by Garth Nix. She loved it. :)

OMIGOSH the Living End's Moment In the Sun video clip was just on! SO SPARKY!
Trust me it was! Even if I wasn't so biased I'd say that!
They oughta put on Paramore's Decode video clip. I wanna see that. It was released a couple of days ago, the 3rd ...

Anyways, going now ... bye!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee - a sparky sport!

Today I had an Ultimate Frisbee gala day.
For those who DON'T know Ultimate Frisbee (you poor poor things), it's a sport played with a frisbee. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible by catching the frisbee in the 'end zone'. It's a fun game.
My team and some other friends' team lost all our games :) Still had HEAPS of fun, tho!
But now I'm sunburnt :( I ALWAYS get sunburnt :(
AND I have a bit of a weird cough.
Apart from that I'm cool.
So yeah, the day was spent playing heaps of UF games and hanging out with friends (cos heapsa friends went =]).
Some of the other teams though! There was a boys U/15's team, twice as big as my friends' team ... They were SUPPOSED to be under 15 anyway, but they weren't :( So my friends' team got flogged :( Thank goodness my team wasn't a guys team (duh ... )so we didn't have to play. It was painful enough just watching tho ...
One of the schools in the comp came up from Sydney and I was thinking THIS ISN'T A DAMN SYDNEY COMP. GO HOME! And their U/18's girl team ... they are TANKS.
OK. Enough UF raving ...
Oh just one more thing - my team was tortured today cos we had to wear these Sydney Swans bibs so you could see who's on what team. :( NO ONE LIKES YOU SWANNIES! EXCEPT MAYBE JESS!
Yeah, definite torture ...

I'm hungry. I'm gonna have something to eat. I haven't had too much yet ... a little bit of tuna ...
Ok, the cold spaghetti was good! I like pasta :)

Lol. I was drinking some water today and some ran out my nose. I was like, WHA??????????
Ya. I'm hyped up. I had plenty of fruit and sugar today :) Glow in the dark M&M's ... yuuuummmmm ...

I'll go now. Ultimate Frisbee was the highlight of the day.

Oh - Dad went to Sydney today ... doing something for work ... probably some seminar ... dunno.
He goes to heaps. Some overseas :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Today. Bad day for me. Good day for Obama.

Today wasn't one of my best days.
I had a dream last night or early this morning (sometime before 6am) that I was trying to get away from something horrid anyway I could. But no matter what I did, I couldn't. I was helpless. And if there's a feeling I could never like in any way, it's helplessness.
Couple that with miscellaneous leftover bad feelings from yesterday, such as losing the hockey match ...

Lol. Barack Obama won the American election. Guess his name would've helped with advertising, wouldn't it? Seriously though, it was pretty obvious he was gonna win, and he looked like one of the better candidates of the lot.
Like, much better than Sarah Palin or whatever her name was. All that stuff about her ... like the clothing and newspaper stuff ... you wouldn't want such a figure at the head of such a powerful country.
That Clinton chick or whoever she was, she was pretty big in the beginning. But what happened to her? She dropped out of the spotlight somehow. Can't even remember her name.
I never heard anything about that McCain guy except that no-one liked him.

That's all I really got to say at the moment ... nothing really happening ...
If I think of something, it'll be in next post. Duh.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ok, so SICK of RW (uhhh ... Robbie Williams ... ) and pretty much everything ...

One of my friends who I actually get to see regularly has a blog now :)

Anyone who likes the song 'Angels', by Robbie Williams ... I do not understand you, and never will.
Yes that means at least half my family. But it's true!
Rofl, Robbie Williams thinks he's Sean Connery reincarnated. Hate to break it to ya, buddy ... BUT THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL YOU ARE!

What I wouldn't give to be doing something like some photography right now ... but I haven't got a camera, and I don't have any good programs to stuff around with the photo later. :(
I just want something to do! So sick of the usual reading, drawing, running around, writing even!

School ...
Geography in particular. A 5 minute presentation and speech on some current global issue? Ok, I don't mind learning and researching about some, but that's too far. And he's just a weird teacher ... and I don't like his attitude at ALL when it comes to religion. He just doesn't understand religion and it seems like he's out there to offend anyone with any slight religious belief.
I guess that apart from some small things school is pretty good. But those 'small' things ... really don't seem that small! Far from it!

Anyways, bye now ... off to do whatever, I guess ... get ready for hockey.
Yay. Hockey. SOMETHING to look forward to.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Idol, go die in a hole

Omigosh, I just found one of my shirt buttons undone! I sure hope I didn't go through school after PE (cos it was fine BEFORE PE, I hate changing, cos stuff like that happens sometimes ... ) like that!

Argh, I'm dying a slow painful death ... I should NEVER have told Mum she could play that Robbie Williams DVD. I thought I could drown it out with Paramore (poor TLE's gotten pushed over the side for the moment) but obviously not ... DX

I officially abhor html. Do you know how dull it is typing all that stuff, for just one stupid thing?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
At least I get a break, til next week ... :)

I'm a-going to the library tonight! For the first time in AGES (a bit over a week, which is ages for me ... not my fault I read so quick). Yay.

Ugh *shudder*. The combination of Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue should NEVER have been allowed!
My sisters probably only like that stuff cos my mum does :(
And so is Michael Jackson. Australian Idol should go die in a hole. I had to endure the torment of one of the Idol-peeps singing Michael Jackson last night ... *shudder AGAIN*

"Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much ... "
Well, DUH
But still good line, if a little ... depressed sounding.
Well, DUH
Of course it's good.
It's Paramore ... :)

Ok I'll go now and spare yous all more Paramore raving. Cos it's probs pretty repetitive right now.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Paramore love <3

"Explain to me
This conspiracy against me"
-Conspiracy, Paramore
I got Paramore's first album today
V happy!
The library didn't have it, so I had to buy it :(
Bad library!
They'd betta have Short Stack. Short Stack is funneh!
Guess what? THEY DON'T

Can't WAIT til Paramore's next album comes out. And it'll have my most fave song ever on there! It's called Decode. It's also on the Twilight soundtrack, when IT comes out ...
Oh yeah, piccy description! It be Paramore. That's Hayley in front :) With the SPARKILY SPARKY hair :):) I love that hair ...
Okizay onto other things. Dad is making a cake. The cake is for me :) Cos it was my bday earlier in the week :) My sister Katherine is playing the X-box, Lego Star Wars I think, and my other sister Emily is watching her. NO IDEA what Mum is doing ... could be uni stuff ... or sleeping ... :)