Monday, October 27, 2008

Why do I need a title anyway?

SORRY I've been HORRID about updating! BUSY! Plus there were some things I wanted to put on deviantART. deviantART is SPARKY.

Birthday tomoz :) I already got two prezzies, $50 and an MP3 player ...
Still got more to come :)

Last week when I played hockey my team won, yay.

WHAT a weekend ... scraped the skin off my elbows with carpet burn, my aunt Emma had her baby, my uncle Gideon came back from quite a while overseas ... :)
And now I'm sick :(
I ABHOR being sick.
It felt like I was gonna drown in snot, YUK.
And my mind has been fuzzy since about Friday, I'm unable to focus on ANYTHING. Makes doing schoolwork a LOT harder than it should be. :(

I'm gonna try do more h/w ...


Laura said...


Birthdays are always good cos everytime someone yells at you, you can be like, "It's mah birthday!" And they'll be like, "Oops, sorry dude."

Yeah, everyone is nice on your birthday. =]

Being sick is bad, though.
I had hay fever last week. It wasn't that bad - my eyes kept watering at random moments and I kept sneezing and sniffling.
Everyone thought I was crying cos the Year 12's left. I was like, "No, I have a cold..."

Sonja said...


Mae said...

Happy Birthday for (looks at calender) today!! XD
Lol I just felt like calling them numbers, because it would be harder to guess what I'm talking about - lol it's random I know :D

Sonja said...


Ya that numbers thing makes sense :) Maybe one day I'm gonna go to school and call everyone a number :) That would be fun!

Mae said...

Lol :D
Haha I know com tech is borrriiinnggg (lol), we don't get to do anything awesome though *cry*
So how are ya?

Sonja said...

a good thing about com tech tho is getting onto the net :) just gotta make sure teach doesnt see
im good thnx! a bit hyped up, as per usual ... :)