Monday, October 13, 2008

School ...

Arghh, school so soon!
Holidays over :(

I did a quick weird thing in Paint on the computer of Edward Cullen the other day. It's on my deviantART page. Not the best of things, it would be so much easier if I could put some proper drawings on, but it'll do ... for now. :)

I had a BBQ thingo with my soccer team on Saturday. Ok. We had a game, us vs parents. I'm ashamed to say it was either a tie or we lost. Can't remember. :)
I'm getting a trophy tho :) But I can't be at the Presentaion Day :( Very sad-making. So unsparky :(

This be a sparky face :-9 He be Mr Nose Licker. Say hello!

I wonder what tortures there will be at school this term? Ummm, end of year exams. End of year report. Maths (cos we finished equations). Trying to finish off my CO2 dragster in time (sometimes it DOESN'T pay to be a perfectionist!). And who knows what other horrors school has in store ...
On the other hand, there's Orientation Day, scaring soon-to-be-sevvies, hanging out with my cousin / friend whom I DON'T call a soon-to-be-sevvy, just a soon-to-be-at-my-schoolie. :)

So, see yas at the other end of the day one of term four torture ... if I make it :)


Laura said...

I fail at soccer.

Good luck with Term 4.
Do you have to spend Orientation Day with the "soon-to-be-sevvies"? Like, showing them around and such?

At my school, one of the Year 7's next year will be my buddy. Cos I'm in Year 12 next year. Scary.

Steph said...

I really wish I could like Twilight - I'm one of those weird kids who dress funny and have to like stuff no-one has ever heard of.
Damn I love me.
I remember being about ten and thinking Year Seven's were practically adults... actually, I remember being in Prep and thinking 10-year-olds were huge. I was so scared of them.
Good times.

Andrea-la said...

lol...i suck at tired.