Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random stuff

I'm back to reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I found a website where I can read it (my library doesn't have many of them). YAY!

Today I shall make some raspbery jelly. :) Or some chocolate mousse :)

I got new shin pads cos my old ones are small and falling apart. It took heapsa mucking aroung to get my shin pads tho cos the store I went to first didn't have any that I likes in the right size so I had to go to another store in another complex :(

School was ok last week. My new drama assessment looks pretty cool. We are supposed to get in small groups and come up with an original play based on a word or phrase. My group has a sparky idea :) But I'm not saying what it is :)
STUPID topic for English :( Australian Image. BORING.

I had a school choir eistoddfod thingo on Friday. Not much competition - only one other school in my division. And my choir won :) We spent the rest of the day hanging out in the general area about where we sang - up the street, at the park, by the lake ... It was fun by the lake, hiding people's bags, making paper boats with silly messages on them (eg call this number!) and pretending to try push people in ...

Hmmm, I was thinking the other day, if there was an illness that everyone or nearly everyone had, then would it be considered normal or would people still try to cure it or hospitalise you for it or make you go for counselling or what? Or would the people without it be considered abnormal and / or sent for counselling?
Maybe it would depend on what the effects of the illness was ...

Still thinking on that, going now ...


Sophie said...

If the illness made everyone sprout wings and fly, I WANT TO GET INFECTED!

Mae said...

Lol good point Sophie!
Congrats on the choir thing XD
By the wayy... I'm amy (mae's my nickname), one of beth's awesome friends (LOL)... she somehow got a piccy of me too >_>
Anyway, have you had your bday yet? Because I'd like to send you a birthday cake (lol just a computer made one - should be pretty crunchy *wink*) :D
Byee - from Mae

Sonja said...

Bday is in 6 days! Yay!

Thats one illness id LOVE to get infected with :)

Umm Mae u said a piccy of u TOO??!! Are u implying she has one of me?
Im gonna check.
Well I kno she has one of me, she just hasnt put it up yet.