Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick update on recent (and future) happenings (which is nothing, lol)

I went and got a deviantART profile. At the mo there will only be written works cos my scanner isn't up and running ... I'll get around that eventually ...
Here's the site: Feel free to critique or rave or even just look at :)

School next week, **** it! Oh well, new English topic - no more "humour". Honestly, hardly anything we looked at was humorous ... And no more cricket in PE, that's good :)

So today, I finally got to watch the season final of Doctor Who. Wow, they managed to push it to the edge!
:( No more Doctor Who til 2010 :(

Well just a wuick update for the mo, and don't forget to check out my deviantART!
PS And say hi to your boyfriend for me :) lol.
IF you have one ... :)


Laura said...

Your DeviantArt is so cool.
Mine sucks.
Also, I forgot the URL for my DeviantArt. -lame-

Sonja said...

Hey thanx :)
I love ur "My Edward" :)
That's ur URL :)