Thursday, October 2, 2008

"If you lose your eyes" (random song line)

I looked up the Twilight soundtrack today. Paramore, Muse and Robert Pattinson make appearances! YAY! Sparkeh choices! Especially the Muse song going on - Supermassive Black Hole! One of ma fave Muse songs :)
Why is Robert Pattinson on it tho? Isn't it enough he's got the lead male part in the movie? LOL

Luna Park today was sparkeh. Ride after ride :) In between ducking into any airconned rooms we could find, which was only one, where we all parked out stuff so ...
Heapsa needles too :) Nah not drugs! Shame on you, jumping to the worst conclusions! Was medication :)
There were only two guys on the trip, but fifteen of us girls XP= Haha. And one of the guys didn't go on any rides.
Kinda defeats the point of going to Luna Park, doesn't it?

These holiday posts are so SHORT aren't they?



Laura said...

That guy who didn't go on any rides sounds like me.
I'm a wuss when it comes to rides.
I was terrified on the Ferris Wheel at the Melbourne Show a week ago.

Luna Park in Melbourne is awesome because you can still go and you don't pay to get in; you only pay if you want to go on rides. ^_^

Sonja said...

I was a wuss when it came to rides ... until I went on one. Adrenalin rushes are addictive :)