Friday, October 17, 2008

I survived. Cheer for me. Or else.

Well I survived the first week and pretty much rocked at everything I did (take that stupid subject of maths!). And today I got the day off school for a choir thing. :)

Not much be happening, except for school being funner than usual and people being more mysterious and hyped up than usual. Why so mysterious?!
I hate secrets being kept from me. Actually, not just secrets, ANYTHING. :(

I had the strangest ice cream today. It was dry and in pellet form but when you ate it it melted into ice cream and felt cold. ?? Weird.

Yay, summer hockey starts next week. My first game Tuesday! Missed ya, hockey!

I read some (if not all that's out yet) Jennifer Lynn Barnes' books this week and they are sparky as. Golden and Platinum are part of the same series, about some girls with the Sight and what happens because of it. Tattoo is the first of a series, about a group of four girls and them taking on the third Fate to help the other two Fates.
Yeah pretty sparky.

That's all I can think of now ...


Laura said...

My friend read the Jennifer Lynn Barnes' books too!
She said they were awesome.
And I was like, "Can I borrow them from you, y/y?"
And she was like, "Go to the library. That's where I got them. ^_^"
And the library doesn't have them cos someone else is borrowing them from the library. =[

Oh well. I went to the library today and The Lab by Jack Heath and Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging were there!!! YAY.

Sonja said...

The Lab was good. I read it ages ago. I might read the other book ... tell me what it's like.

andrea-la said...

school. is. fun. don't. insult. it. (also, math is fun and i am SO excited for my math test on monday!!!)

Sonja said...

i wasnt insulting school i was insulting maths. i can like maths at times ... but generally only when there are equations or something similar involved and there isnt an overload of work. oh and when my teacher isnt in a bad mood ...

andrea-la said...

insulting math is WAY worse than insulting school.