Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hol Update #1

I'm a-goin to Luna Park tomozza! (Ya I know I got the date wrong ... ) Fun! I luv the Rotor best :)

I need new books. I went to the library Saturday and Monday I finished them. They were six LONG books. That's how bored I got.

My cousins and I are doing a comedy soap opera, and one day we'll film an episode on Mado's camera. I'm writing a theme song for it :)

Well ... that's all pretty much. That's how boring holidays are.


Laura said...

LOL, I love Luna Park!
'Cept I go to the one in Melbourne. ^_^

I went to the library today.
I got Before I Die by Jenny Downham and a Jaclyn Moriarty one called Spell Book or something. =]

Comedy soap opera sounds like fun.
Put it on YouTube and post it on your blog.
I wanna see it. Plz?

Sonja said...

i've read both those books. both strange ...
apparently the melbourne luna park is better :)
hey, i might put the comedy soap opera on youtube ... if we eva film it ... which if we do will be in ages probably ... :)