Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some things about my birthday


Yesty was ma bday =)
But I was SICK! =( No fair!
Oh well ...

Here's one of the pix I did that I put on ma devART:

U lyk?
Was fun to do.
I got the pix off Google images, sepia toned them, increased contrast by 10% then typed over them.
... Some of the words may be made up (eg psychadelia) but at least they makes sense!
The library pic (the back background) is apparently some college library in Dublin.
Dublin, in IRELAND, has such a big library?
I gotta go there! :)
Ok bday prezzie list so far:
-hairbands (I dunno if I'll ever use them ... but they're there anyway jic, and it was a good thought =])
-some money put into ma MP3 player (which is sparky, so GOOD prezzie)
-$50 :)
And they just keep coming ... hehehehehehehehehe
I'm 14! (still can't get over it, it feels like I've been 13 for more than just a year)
That means I can go to more of ma church activities ... I missed out on a really good one by a couple of weeks ... =(
Bye for now!


Laura said...

That is a really cool picture.

Happy Birthday.
They sound like good presents.
mp3 players are awesome. I have an iPod. X]
Well, anything music-related is awesome.

Sonja said...


my mp3 player is an iriver
i also have an olin ... but it is HORRID. nasty 'cheap' thing ... wasnt cheap when i got it!