Friday, October 31, 2008

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows vs Breaking Dawn

OK. This is definitely going to insult some people ... but I don't care. Just read me out (lol).
We've all heard people going off their nut at Stephenie Meyer because of how she ended Bella's part in Twilight. But what exactly did she do wrong? I can't think of ANYTHING (except maybe a proper fight scene ... ).
However, PLEASE look CRITICALLY at the Deathly Hallows. Come on, we can ALL see it was written WAY too quickly - too slow in all the boring parts, not as engaging as the rest of the books, overkill with the killing, overkill in flipping sides ... etc. And look what she did to her characters. Like Dumbledore. And Hermione. Hermione should NEVER have ended up marrying Ron. JK Rowling should have thought of a better ending. I mean, sure, in one way it's good ... but it wasn't a very subtle ending. It was all, here's what happens to this this this this this this this and this and BAM, I don't want to write anymore.
UGH, is ANYONE getting my point?
Maybe I shoulda done this at a time when mah brain can do things better ...
It's not that I'm insulting Harry Potter, it's just that the Deathly Hallows could have been written better. And don't go off at some perfectly good writers who haven't done anything wrong when other perfectly good writers who slipped up a bit get unnoticed.


Laura said...

I agree.
I wanted Harry to marry Hermione. Or Luna, just for comic effect.

I love Luna Lovegood. She's so adorable.

Anyhoo, the fight with the Volturi wasn't much of a fight. Alex was all like, "I'MA GOING TO KILL YOUUUUUU!"
And Bella was all like, "ONLY IF YOU CAN GET THROUGH MAH SHIELD! =P"

And yeah.
I suppose JK Rowling had to finish the book quickly cos otherwise people would get impatient. Everyone wanted to know the spoilers, remember?

I didn't like how Hedwig died.
I cried for a week when he died.

Audrey-sensei said...

I have to disagree. Deathly Hallows obviously wasn't written quickly, because JK Rowling had been planning the ending her whole writing career. If you had any beef with the series, then, it should be with the buildup. Or, maybe she could have left some parts of the ending to the imagination.

And I have to say, I didn't read Breaking Dawn (books 1-3 were *more* than enough torture for me). However, I got the low-down on what happened and I was disappointed that Stephanie Meyer refused to kill off any of her main characters. How lame is that? For some reason, the novel would be more real if the mortality of the people was more accurately represented.

And speaking of real... Bellas pregnancy? Don't make me get into detail, but it makes NO sense at all...

Sonja said...

bella's pregnancy was a twist. BIG drama too. :)
yeah ... stephenie meyer shoulda killed someone ... rosalie maybe ...

jk rowling shoulda been more subtle and left more to the imagination, yah.