Friday, October 31, 2008

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows vs Breaking Dawn

OK. This is definitely going to insult some people ... but I don't care. Just read me out (lol).
We've all heard people going off their nut at Stephenie Meyer because of how she ended Bella's part in Twilight. But what exactly did she do wrong? I can't think of ANYTHING (except maybe a proper fight scene ... ).
However, PLEASE look CRITICALLY at the Deathly Hallows. Come on, we can ALL see it was written WAY too quickly - too slow in all the boring parts, not as engaging as the rest of the books, overkill with the killing, overkill in flipping sides ... etc. And look what she did to her characters. Like Dumbledore. And Hermione. Hermione should NEVER have ended up marrying Ron. JK Rowling should have thought of a better ending. I mean, sure, in one way it's good ... but it wasn't a very subtle ending. It was all, here's what happens to this this this this this this this and this and BAM, I don't want to write anymore.
UGH, is ANYONE getting my point?
Maybe I shoulda done this at a time when mah brain can do things better ...
It's not that I'm insulting Harry Potter, it's just that the Deathly Hallows could have been written better. And don't go off at some perfectly good writers who haven't done anything wrong when other perfectly good writers who slipped up a bit get unnoticed.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some things about my birthday


Yesty was ma bday =)
But I was SICK! =( No fair!
Oh well ...

Here's one of the pix I did that I put on ma devART:

U lyk?
Was fun to do.
I got the pix off Google images, sepia toned them, increased contrast by 10% then typed over them.
... Some of the words may be made up (eg psychadelia) but at least they makes sense!
The library pic (the back background) is apparently some college library in Dublin.
Dublin, in IRELAND, has such a big library?
I gotta go there! :)
Ok bday prezzie list so far:
-hairbands (I dunno if I'll ever use them ... but they're there anyway jic, and it was a good thought =])
-some money put into ma MP3 player (which is sparky, so GOOD prezzie)
-$50 :)
And they just keep coming ... hehehehehehehehehe
I'm 14! (still can't get over it, it feels like I've been 13 for more than just a year)
That means I can go to more of ma church activities ... I missed out on a really good one by a couple of weeks ... =(
Bye for now!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Why do I need a title anyway?

SORRY I've been HORRID about updating! BUSY! Plus there were some things I wanted to put on deviantART. deviantART is SPARKY.

Birthday tomoz :) I already got two prezzies, $50 and an MP3 player ...
Still got more to come :)

Last week when I played hockey my team won, yay.

WHAT a weekend ... scraped the skin off my elbows with carpet burn, my aunt Emma had her baby, my uncle Gideon came back from quite a while overseas ... :)
And now I'm sick :(
I ABHOR being sick.
It felt like I was gonna drown in snot, YUK.
And my mind has been fuzzy since about Friday, I'm unable to focus on ANYTHING. Makes doing schoolwork a LOT harder than it should be. :(

I'm gonna try do more h/w ...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Random stuff

I'm back to reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I found a website where I can read it (my library doesn't have many of them). YAY!

Today I shall make some raspbery jelly. :) Or some chocolate mousse :)

I got new shin pads cos my old ones are small and falling apart. It took heapsa mucking aroung to get my shin pads tho cos the store I went to first didn't have any that I likes in the right size so I had to go to another store in another complex :(

School was ok last week. My new drama assessment looks pretty cool. We are supposed to get in small groups and come up with an original play based on a word or phrase. My group has a sparky idea :) But I'm not saying what it is :)
STUPID topic for English :( Australian Image. BORING.

I had a school choir eistoddfod thingo on Friday. Not much competition - only one other school in my division. And my choir won :) We spent the rest of the day hanging out in the general area about where we sang - up the street, at the park, by the lake ... It was fun by the lake, hiding people's bags, making paper boats with silly messages on them (eg call this number!) and pretending to try push people in ...

Hmmm, I was thinking the other day, if there was an illness that everyone or nearly everyone had, then would it be considered normal or would people still try to cure it or hospitalise you for it or make you go for counselling or what? Or would the people without it be considered abnormal and / or sent for counselling?
Maybe it would depend on what the effects of the illness was ...

Still thinking on that, going now ...

Friday, October 17, 2008

I survived. Cheer for me. Or else.

Well I survived the first week and pretty much rocked at everything I did (take that stupid subject of maths!). And today I got the day off school for a choir thing. :)

Not much be happening, except for school being funner than usual and people being more mysterious and hyped up than usual. Why so mysterious?!
I hate secrets being kept from me. Actually, not just secrets, ANYTHING. :(

I had the strangest ice cream today. It was dry and in pellet form but when you ate it it melted into ice cream and felt cold. ?? Weird.

Yay, summer hockey starts next week. My first game Tuesday! Missed ya, hockey!

I read some (if not all that's out yet) Jennifer Lynn Barnes' books this week and they are sparky as. Golden and Platinum are part of the same series, about some girls with the Sight and what happens because of it. Tattoo is the first of a series, about a group of four girls and them taking on the third Fate to help the other two Fates.
Yeah pretty sparky.

That's all I can think of now ...

Monday, October 13, 2008

School ...

Arghh, school so soon!
Holidays over :(

I did a quick weird thing in Paint on the computer of Edward Cullen the other day. It's on my deviantART page. Not the best of things, it would be so much easier if I could put some proper drawings on, but it'll do ... for now. :)

I had a BBQ thingo with my soccer team on Saturday. Ok. We had a game, us vs parents. I'm ashamed to say it was either a tie or we lost. Can't remember. :)
I'm getting a trophy tho :) But I can't be at the Presentaion Day :( Very sad-making. So unsparky :(

This be a sparky face :-9 He be Mr Nose Licker. Say hello!

I wonder what tortures there will be at school this term? Ummm, end of year exams. End of year report. Maths (cos we finished equations). Trying to finish off my CO2 dragster in time (sometimes it DOESN'T pay to be a perfectionist!). And who knows what other horrors school has in store ...
On the other hand, there's Orientation Day, scaring soon-to-be-sevvies, hanging out with my cousin / friend whom I DON'T call a soon-to-be-sevvy, just a soon-to-be-at-my-schoolie. :)

So, see yas at the other end of the day one of term four torture ... if I make it :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Quick update on recent (and future) happenings (which is nothing, lol)

I went and got a deviantART profile. At the mo there will only be written works cos my scanner isn't up and running ... I'll get around that eventually ...
Here's the site: Feel free to critique or rave or even just look at :)

School next week, **** it! Oh well, new English topic - no more "humour". Honestly, hardly anything we looked at was humorous ... And no more cricket in PE, that's good :)

So today, I finally got to watch the season final of Doctor Who. Wow, they managed to push it to the edge!
:( No more Doctor Who til 2010 :(

Well just a wuick update for the mo, and don't forget to check out my deviantART!
PS And say hi to your boyfriend for me :) lol.
IF you have one ... :)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Daylight Savings = Ultimate Evil

I am totally Paramore crazy at the mo. Seriously. They might even tie for first place with the Living End on my list of fave music. That is SERIOUS.
I've spent the last half hour listening to their song Decode which so far is only available thru their website (I think). Link to Decode if anyone is interested:
It is SUCH a sparky song, I am so in love with it. OK maybe not, that sounds too weird. But I mean, who COULDN'T like it heaps? It's one of the songs going into the Twilight movie :) Paramore has two going in, can't WAIT to hear the other one.
And of course, Muse's Supermassive Black Hole is also going in :) Great song, and Muse may even be re-releasing it! Making it more Twilight-y! :)

I watched a couple of movies recently. One is Tank Girl. I'd recommend it to almost everyone (M rating attached ... that accounts for the ALMOST part ... ) it is SO hilarious ...
I also watched Resident Evil (Ok, I know it's M15+ but I was bored and couldn't go to sleep) and it was pretty good too. It was sparky seeing Milla Jojovich without that accent she has to put on for her part in The Fifth Element. She also seems to have an ability to have unique outfits for the movies she's in, cos you sure don't see people dressed like her anywhere.

That's all I got time for, even tho I don't wanna go to bed.
Ugh I hate Daylight Savings ...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

"If you lose your eyes" (random song line)

I looked up the Twilight soundtrack today. Paramore, Muse and Robert Pattinson make appearances! YAY! Sparkeh choices! Especially the Muse song going on - Supermassive Black Hole! One of ma fave Muse songs :)
Why is Robert Pattinson on it tho? Isn't it enough he's got the lead male part in the movie? LOL

Luna Park today was sparkeh. Ride after ride :) In between ducking into any airconned rooms we could find, which was only one, where we all parked out stuff so ...
Heapsa needles too :) Nah not drugs! Shame on you, jumping to the worst conclusions! Was medication :)
There were only two guys on the trip, but fifteen of us girls XP= Haha. And one of the guys didn't go on any rides.
Kinda defeats the point of going to Luna Park, doesn't it?

These holiday posts are so SHORT aren't they?


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hol Update #1

I'm a-goin to Luna Park tomozza! (Ya I know I got the date wrong ... ) Fun! I luv the Rotor best :)

I need new books. I went to the library Saturday and Monday I finished them. They were six LONG books. That's how bored I got.

My cousins and I are doing a comedy soap opera, and one day we'll film an episode on Mado's camera. I'm writing a theme song for it :)

Well ... that's all pretty much. That's how boring holidays are.