Friday, September 19, 2008

WHOOOO! Go the Ting Tings

Yah I got the Ting Tings album from the library. It's AWESOME.
Ok, not as good as the Living End. But I don't think ANYONE will be better than TLE. They are UNBEATABLE.

"They call me Hell
They call me Stacey
They call me her
They call me Jane
Good song, good song. The Ting Tings, of course.

Yay finished my Science assignment. Put heapsa work into it. I'd betta get full marks, cos I reckon I filled all the criteria. But my Science teacher don't like me so she MIGHT mark me down. Wouldn't be surprised.

Anyone who's heard Impacilla Carpisung understand what's being sung? Cos I only catch the odd word or two. Really confusing.

Haha I still find it funny that the Broncos beat the Sydney Chickens. (This is rugby for those who dunno). A friend was going, oh the Roosters are gonna beat Brisbane for sure - the Broncos ain't gotta chance. And then the Chickens went and got themselves beat. :)
Who's in the AFL Grand Final or don't we know yet? I don't follow any sport, but I still watch the occasional match (when it comes to soccer and hockey I watch as many as possible tho).

I read a REALLY weird book yesterday. It's called 'What Happened to Cass McBride' or something like that, by Gabrielle Zevin. It's about this guy who buries some girl alive. Like I said, weird.

Byes all


Laura said...

We don't know who's in the AFL grand final. It is either Geelong, Bulldogs, Saints or Hawthorn.

I have heard the Impacilla Carpisung song. In the little booklet that has all the lyrics, there are no lyrics for that song.
I don't know the words either. =[

I think anyone could beat the Sydney Chickens. They sound like my dinner. Mmm.. chicken.

Sonja said...

hey u know that chicken ad - if u dont like chicken theres something wrong with u? that was a funny ad.
geelong just beat the bulldogs. tho it was a pretty close match. geelong is losing it, i reckon.i want the saints to win the next game, as i dont know anything much about hawthorn. then ... i dunno, ill choose the team i wanna win the gf.