Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today is Father's Day ...

Yo all.

I got a new MP3 player yesterday. I've needed a new one for quite a while - my old one was running out of room. Now I have a really good one, a 4 gig iriver E100. It plays songs obviously but it also plays videos and pictures. It has expandable memory too.
My sisters and my dad also got MP3 players, but theirs aren't as good as mine :) In my opinion anyway. I'm sure they all think they got the better end of the deal.

Ah, today was Father's Day. My school didn't have a stall, so Mum and I got something for Dad together. It was a 2L bootle of Lift, some Toblerone and Turkish Delight and the movie Sahara. I'm sure he loved all the sweet stuff - he loves it to begin with and in a house with two diabetics you don't get sweet stuff too often.
Ya, I'm a type 1 diabetic. It's horrid :) But I'll live :)
Mum's type 2.
My sisters got Dad some random stuff.

I sat down with Mum and Dad and discussed electives. I've decided on sport science, visual art and visual design. I'm fine with that. Except I would've liked to do German, but you can only choose three ...

Hmm, I haven't said much about my family ... well, I've got a mum, dad and two sisters, Katherine and Emily. my sisters are both are younger than me. Kate's 12 and Em's 8. Their birthdays are either side of Anzac Day. My mum's birthday is the same as Bella Swan's (from Twilight) and Dad's is a month and a day after mine.
Easy birthdays to remember. Mine's the hardest. The past two birthdays I've woken up and forgotten it was my birthday. Now that is something to worry about ...

Hockey wasn't on Friday night. Must have been because it was so rainy and windy. So now the semfinal has been postponed ... i don't like that. get it over and done with! My team is probably gonna lose anyway!

Ok, I think I've finished raving for the day. Tho, I would like to rave about my new MP3 player, but that would bore the socks of anyone.


Laura said...

How could anyone forget their own birthday?
I always remember that mine is 6th March. Just like I remember my own name.

I have never watched the hockey.
I prefer the football - Collingwood are in the semi finals!!! ^_^

I don't have a mp3 player - I have an iPod.
My iPod can play videos and songs and stuff. But it is only 4 GB.
My little brother (who is 15) has a 30 GB iPod. He got the iPod classic.

Diabetes would be a horrible thing to have. Is it true that you can't have sugar?
My nonno (as in my grandpa) has diabetes and he can't have dessert.
Whenever we go to his house, I always feel sorry for him when dessert is served.

Is Type 1 the one that you get when you're born?
And is Type 2 the one that you get from your diet?
I don't know anything. Annoying questions, eh?

Sonja said...

Nah they're not annoying questions. Better asking them than not know. Plus, this gives me a chance to show off :)
Diabetes is all to do with insulin. It lets glucose into the cells of the body.
Type 2 is insulin resistance. I don't think it's proper diabetes :). It's the one obese people and pregnant people etc can get.
Type 1 is when the body cannot make insulin cos for some reason the immune system attacked the cells that make it in the pancreas.
You can have sugar when u r a diabetic. in fact sometimes u gotta. But us diabetics just have to watch what we eat and inject the amount of insulin we need to cover it.
Soz if all that is confusing. I still reckon it is :)

i don't watch hockey, I play it :) The makeup game is tomorrow.
I also watch rugby and afl when I can
Which reminds me - isn't Collingwood up against Geelong cos they thrashed the Saints?

Laura said...

Nah, Collingwood are playing Saints.
Geelong get to skip a week of finals because they won.
And Saints get a second chance so they play this week.
It is hard to explain.

Sonja said...

O ok, yeah.
I kno what u r saying.
We hav a system like that in my soccer district.