Monday, September 1, 2008

Spoilers are evil, Muse is ABSOLUTELY not

I have finished reading Breaking Dawn! It was an awesome book. I don't understand those of you who hate it. But I won't say anything about what the book's about - cos SPOILERS ARE EVIL.
I also read another awesome book. It's called Golden.

Friday night i got hit hard on the thumb with a hockey stick. Now my whole hand around the thumb as well as the thumb itself is coated in bruises. Nice and colourful :). I can't do much with my hand tho, cos it does hurt and I can't bend it properly.
Good news tho: my hockey team won the game (FINALLY, a game we've won!) so we now have a semifinal this week!
I lost my soccer semifinal on Saturday so outta soccer til next year. A bit disappointing, lemme tell ya. I luv soccer.

This book I'm reading at the mo, Losing It, is a little strange. Maybe cos it's written by a Kiwi :).
But probably also cos the author hasn't really chosen the best personality for her characters ...? I dunno, it's hard to explain.

Well I'm disappointed - MAJORLY disappointed - in Collingwood to losing to Fremantle. Losing to Fremantle is pretty much impossible ...
Oh well. At least the Olympics aren't still on, or I'd be ranting and raving about the soccer hockey and handball. And absolutely hating countries for beating other ones :)

Muse is awesome.
Tho when I started listening to them I was thinking, these guys r weird. But I'm like that: I'll say one thing and the next day I'll say something completely opposite. Little Miss Keeps-Changing-Her-Mind, that's me a lot of the time :)

Neways, I'm off to put some Muse songs on my MP3 and do some work.


Laura said...

Muse is awesome.
Stephenie Meyer likes them too.
So does my mum.


Sonja said...

hey - i figured something out just the other day - my mum's birthday is the same as bella's! that is awesome, in my opinion.

Laura said...

Bella's birthday is coming up - it's nearly September 13th!
Say 'happy birthday' to your mum for me on September 13th!
Lol, it reminds me of Rove after the band play their song. He's always like, "SAY HI TO YOUR MUM FOR ME!"
And yeah.