Saturday, September 13, 2008

shortness and blownupworldness on bad grammar day

today the primary school i used to go to had a fete. i went cos my sisters went they still go there) and cos some of my friends were going. was good!

today is officially bad grammar day.

oh yeah does anyone know about that large hadron collider? they turned it on. apparently there was a chance it couldve blown up the world. why on earth does anyone make something that could blow up the world?!

i had a hockey gala day on wednesday and my team owned every other team there. and now we get medals, but we gotta wait til assembly. the guys team didnt do as well. just proves that girls are better than guys :)

well todays is short. dont have that much time.


Laura said...

Yeah, why would anyone want to blow up the world???
On Wednesday, we were at school and we were all like, "OMG! We're gonna die!"
And then at 5:30 pm, nothing happened. O_O

Apparently the practice one was on Wednesday but the real thing is on 21st October - which is my friend's birthday.

Sonja said...

haha, thats my friends birthday too, and exactly a week before mine.
O_O what if our friends are blown up on their birthday?!
now i REALLY hate that large hadron collider!
but i doubt it really will blow up the world ... i mean nothing has happened yet. and it seems pretty stupid.

Laura said...

I hope the world isn't blown up.
But then again, if it DOES blow up, I won't have to do my Biology exam...