Monday, September 8, 2008

A rave on diabetes, among other things ...


Today i have scheduled ... a rave on diabetes. :)
Yah, diabetes ... Well there is two types, named most originally as Type 1 and Type 2. In both types you don't get enough of the hormone insulin, which allows glucose to get into your body's cells. Sorta like a key as everyone keeps saying.
In Type 1 the cells that create insulin, whuch are in the pancreas, are destroyed by the immune system cos something made the immune system think they were foreign or something. So people with that type have to get insulin from an outside source - generally by injecting it. Yes folks, needles galore, 1-7 times a day, depending on what your doctor says is best for u.
Type 2 is just when the body is resistant to insulin. Usually obese and pregnant people get it, and not everyone does. It's curable, unlike Type 1. You just get medication and diet and exercise stuff.
There, rave over. *Phew*. Enjoy?

Omigosh youse all have to see this. Click on the link. It's Gev! He is so awesome. Even with a show like that.

The Saints got totally flogged by Geelong, the poor team. Geelong is too good. Apparently they've only lost one game so far.
Haha, the Knights (this is rugby now) also got totally flogged by the Broncos. Go the Broncos! Sorry to all Newcastle Knights fans. And yes I know, city-wise I'm not patriotic at all.

I started reading Jane Eyre today. My first classic since Little Women :) I haven't read too many classics, as they're all either really tragic or really fairytaley or both. I hate Good Wives. That's actually probably what put me off reading classics.

Anyways ...
Off to do an assessment task ...


Laura said...

I'll make a mental note: Never get Type 1 diabetes.
I HATE needles. I have a serious phobia with needles.

Sonja said...

U can't control if u get it or not :) so u might get it.
I never had too much of a problem with needles til I got diabetes. Now I'm phobic.
I also eat more sweet stuff now than I did when I didn't have diabetes. It's weird.