Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Things and Bad Things of late

Argh, didn't have time on Saturday to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to Mum and Bella Swan.
Well, consider it done now. Oh well.

Yesterday we watched the Simpsons (actually an ok episode ... I don't usually enjoy those cartoons much, sorry to those that do, but stuff like Red Dwarf is heaps cooler) in English in preparation for the essay I was supposed to do in class today. But I had a bad hypo and not much sugar with me so I got the day off. It also meant I get a couple more days to learn my lines for drama :) I'm hopeless at remembering lines. I'd much prefer to do an impromptu act. Especially since this play we are doing is stupid. It's called Dags. That's how daggy it is :)
At least I got the day off for legit reasons, cos a hypo is a medical emergency :) Thats an awesome thing about hypos. But the only other awesome things about them is that u get to eat sugar and that some people get hallucinations when they have a hypo. I haven't, but I really want to :) Be fun. Much more fun than feeling fully drained of energy without even done some exercise. That part is horrid.

Ah yes, still going on with diabetes. I know. But it takes up a huge amount of my life, as can be imagined.
Hey, did yas know that Nick Jonas has diabetes?
I rekon that's awesome. But most people disagree. I guess most people don't have diabetes (type 1 ...) anyway.

Holidays so close! YAY! Let's hear it for the holidays!
I usually end up getting bored by the end of the first week of holidays, but it doesn't mean I don't look forward to them.

That was a stupid sentence. One negative is bad enough, but that's a double. Ugh.

Other things I hate include being too young for something you really wanna do - and you are only a week or two too young for it! And THEN you find out that someone else who is too young for it GETS TO GO.
How unfair is that?
Oh well ... (which is something I'm saying too often these days ...)

Good things include having diabetes when it means you get to go to the Gold Coast with other diabetics and hang out and go to places like Dreamworld and Movieworld and surfware outlets (surfwear is actually one of the highest on my 'clothes I like' list which is pretty short) ...

Looks like today is ranting on about good things and bad things, so *types in title*.

I'm listening to Lacrymosa by Evanescence at the mo. It used to spook me out cos of the music. If you heard it you'd understannd :)

Anyways ...
Byebye Earthlings *evil cackle*


Laura said...

Oh my gosh. That is my favourite show!
I'm coming to your school. Even though I don't know your school, I'll still find it because your school will be the one watching Simpsons in the classrooms.

I have never had a hypo.
Hallucinations seem scary. But then again, everything is scary to me.

I never said happy birthday to Bella either. But then again, she lives in Forks (and knifes - lol) and she is a fictional character.

Sonja said...

All the more reason to say happy birthday to her, in my opinion.