Saturday, September 20, 2008

Confusing late night / early morning thoughts from the undead

YES i KNOW that it is LATE and that i SHOULD be in BED. But I don't give. I'm not tired. At the moment anyway. I'll be singing a different song in the morning ... well, after I've had a sleep ...

Geelong is onto the AFL Grand Final. I hope Saint KFC joins them cos 1) cool name and 2) don't know much about Hawthorn. I won't barrack for a team when I don't have a clue where they even come from, plus I don't know any of their supporters, etc.
It was a close game between Geelong and the Bulldogs. But Geelong got back on top, with their FIFTEENTH CONSECUTIVE WIN. How do you get so good u thrash everyone u meet fifteen times in a row?

Ugh, another day tomorrow ... I'm getting this feeling that every day repeats itself ... cos nothing that exciting has happened in AGES. I'm even stuck bookreading.
WAIT. The new Eragon book came out today. Once I get my hands on that I'll have a week max worth of reading. Trouble is getting my hands on it ...

ARGH this is what u get staying up too long.

Hey I might be going to Luna Park again. With some diabetics this time. Another advantage of being a diabetic is that u get to go on heaps cool trips and camps and stuff organised by the local DA office or whoever. It is awesome.

Anyway, I'm off to chase some cows. I got sick of counting sheep. Besides, running around and getting on the wrong side of a bull and getting chased by it may tire me more quickly than counting some boring baaing sheep.


Laura said...

Go and chase the cows in Shepparton. They are all colourful and pretteh.

Geelong should die. If they win the Grand Final, I'll kill someone. SRSLY.

Why did you call the saints KFC? LOLWHUT?
I'm going for Hawthorn against St Kilda. Because of BUDDEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He'll thrash Nick Riewoldt's pants off.

Sonja said...

I call them St KFC cos thats the shortening of their name. It's cool.