Monday, September 29, 2008

Holidays, Day 1

I've managed to go thru so many books today and yesterday, so not funny. And they were thick as.
I want something to HAPPEN.

It was a great match.

Bored out of my mind now, so I'll go find something to do, or blog about.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hello For First Time In A Week!

Hey all, sorry about the lack of blogging lately. Life's been real hectic.
But now it will, well SHOULD change becos it is now SCHOOL HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

Monday night I had this really weird thing on for school, it's called POSH concert. It's where HSC music students and the school ensembles get to show off our talent. Haha. Anyways I was there for choir. It was a pretty fun night, exploring the Conservatorium and just hanging with friends.

Jaclyn Moriarty is writing a new Ashbury book :D And Garth Nix is writing TWO MORE Old Kingdom books!! Yay.
I'm reading heapsa Garth Nix and Scott Westerfeld at the mo. Just if anyone was wondering.

Ah, holidays ... I'm going to Sydney Luna Park for a day on the 8th. Luna Park is pretty cool but the Gold Coast beats anything, so far ...

I got a new Xbox game, so if I run out of things to read or blog about or blogs to go to I've got that.

Gotta go now

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Important Inside A Dog Notice!

Oh, so ein mist, I forgot to say last night something important! Here it is: Jaclyn Moriarty will be the new Writer in Residence in InsideADog! She is an awesome author.

Yup I was tired this morning. But I still braved the EXTREMELY HOT day. I shoulda just stayed in bed, it was so hot. It's not supposed to be summer yet.

So that's all for now. Nice and short.

Confusing late night / early morning thoughts from the undead

YES i KNOW that it is LATE and that i SHOULD be in BED. But I don't give. I'm not tired. At the moment anyway. I'll be singing a different song in the morning ... well, after I've had a sleep ...

Geelong is onto the AFL Grand Final. I hope Saint KFC joins them cos 1) cool name and 2) don't know much about Hawthorn. I won't barrack for a team when I don't have a clue where they even come from, plus I don't know any of their supporters, etc.
It was a close game between Geelong and the Bulldogs. But Geelong got back on top, with their FIFTEENTH CONSECUTIVE WIN. How do you get so good u thrash everyone u meet fifteen times in a row?

Ugh, another day tomorrow ... I'm getting this feeling that every day repeats itself ... cos nothing that exciting has happened in AGES. I'm even stuck bookreading.
WAIT. The new Eragon book came out today. Once I get my hands on that I'll have a week max worth of reading. Trouble is getting my hands on it ...

ARGH this is what u get staying up too long.

Hey I might be going to Luna Park again. With some diabetics this time. Another advantage of being a diabetic is that u get to go on heaps cool trips and camps and stuff organised by the local DA office or whoever. It is awesome.

Anyway, I'm off to chase some cows. I got sick of counting sheep. Besides, running around and getting on the wrong side of a bull and getting chased by it may tire me more quickly than counting some boring baaing sheep.

Friday, September 19, 2008

WHOOOO! Go the Ting Tings

Yah I got the Ting Tings album from the library. It's AWESOME.
Ok, not as good as the Living End. But I don't think ANYONE will be better than TLE. They are UNBEATABLE.

"They call me Hell
They call me Stacey
They call me her
They call me Jane
Good song, good song. The Ting Tings, of course.

Yay finished my Science assignment. Put heapsa work into it. I'd betta get full marks, cos I reckon I filled all the criteria. But my Science teacher don't like me so she MIGHT mark me down. Wouldn't be surprised.

Anyone who's heard Impacilla Carpisung understand what's being sung? Cos I only catch the odd word or two. Really confusing.

Haha I still find it funny that the Broncos beat the Sydney Chickens. (This is rugby for those who dunno). A friend was going, oh the Roosters are gonna beat Brisbane for sure - the Broncos ain't gotta chance. And then the Chickens went and got themselves beat. :)
Who's in the AFL Grand Final or don't we know yet? I don't follow any sport, but I still watch the occasional match (when it comes to soccer and hockey I watch as many as possible tho).

I read a REALLY weird book yesterday. It's called 'What Happened to Cass McBride' or something like that, by Gabrielle Zevin. It's about this guy who buries some girl alive. Like I said, weird.

Byes all

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Good Things and Bad Things of late

Argh, didn't have time on Saturday to say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to Mum and Bella Swan.
Well, consider it done now. Oh well.

Yesterday we watched the Simpsons (actually an ok episode ... I don't usually enjoy those cartoons much, sorry to those that do, but stuff like Red Dwarf is heaps cooler) in English in preparation for the essay I was supposed to do in class today. But I had a bad hypo and not much sugar with me so I got the day off. It also meant I get a couple more days to learn my lines for drama :) I'm hopeless at remembering lines. I'd much prefer to do an impromptu act. Especially since this play we are doing is stupid. It's called Dags. That's how daggy it is :)
At least I got the day off for legit reasons, cos a hypo is a medical emergency :) Thats an awesome thing about hypos. But the only other awesome things about them is that u get to eat sugar and that some people get hallucinations when they have a hypo. I haven't, but I really want to :) Be fun. Much more fun than feeling fully drained of energy without even done some exercise. That part is horrid.

Ah yes, still going on with diabetes. I know. But it takes up a huge amount of my life, as can be imagined.
Hey, did yas know that Nick Jonas has diabetes?
I rekon that's awesome. But most people disagree. I guess most people don't have diabetes (type 1 ...) anyway.

Holidays so close! YAY! Let's hear it for the holidays!
I usually end up getting bored by the end of the first week of holidays, but it doesn't mean I don't look forward to them.

That was a stupid sentence. One negative is bad enough, but that's a double. Ugh.

Other things I hate include being too young for something you really wanna do - and you are only a week or two too young for it! And THEN you find out that someone else who is too young for it GETS TO GO.
How unfair is that?
Oh well ... (which is something I'm saying too often these days ...)

Good things include having diabetes when it means you get to go to the Gold Coast with other diabetics and hang out and go to places like Dreamworld and Movieworld and surfware outlets (surfwear is actually one of the highest on my 'clothes I like' list which is pretty short) ...

Looks like today is ranting on about good things and bad things, so *types in title*.

I'm listening to Lacrymosa by Evanescence at the mo. It used to spook me out cos of the music. If you heard it you'd understannd :)

Anyways ...
Byebye Earthlings *evil cackle*

Saturday, September 13, 2008

shortness and blownupworldness on bad grammar day

today the primary school i used to go to had a fete. i went cos my sisters went they still go there) and cos some of my friends were going. was good!

today is officially bad grammar day.

oh yeah does anyone know about that large hadron collider? they turned it on. apparently there was a chance it couldve blown up the world. why on earth does anyone make something that could blow up the world?!

i had a hockey gala day on wednesday and my team owned every other team there. and now we get medals, but we gotta wait til assembly. the guys team didnt do as well. just proves that girls are better than guys :)

well todays is short. dont have that much time.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A rave on diabetes, among other things ...


Today i have scheduled ... a rave on diabetes. :)
Yah, diabetes ... Well there is two types, named most originally as Type 1 and Type 2. In both types you don't get enough of the hormone insulin, which allows glucose to get into your body's cells. Sorta like a key as everyone keeps saying.
In Type 1 the cells that create insulin, whuch are in the pancreas, are destroyed by the immune system cos something made the immune system think they were foreign or something. So people with that type have to get insulin from an outside source - generally by injecting it. Yes folks, needles galore, 1-7 times a day, depending on what your doctor says is best for u.
Type 2 is just when the body is resistant to insulin. Usually obese and pregnant people get it, and not everyone does. It's curable, unlike Type 1. You just get medication and diet and exercise stuff.
There, rave over. *Phew*. Enjoy?

Omigosh youse all have to see this. Click on the link. It's Gev! He is so awesome. Even with a show like that.

The Saints got totally flogged by Geelong, the poor team. Geelong is too good. Apparently they've only lost one game so far.
Haha, the Knights (this is rugby now) also got totally flogged by the Broncos. Go the Broncos! Sorry to all Newcastle Knights fans. And yes I know, city-wise I'm not patriotic at all.

I started reading Jane Eyre today. My first classic since Little Women :) I haven't read too many classics, as they're all either really tragic or really fairytaley or both. I hate Good Wives. That's actually probably what put me off reading classics.

Anyways ...
Off to do an assessment task ...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Today is Father's Day ...

Yo all.

I got a new MP3 player yesterday. I've needed a new one for quite a while - my old one was running out of room. Now I have a really good one, a 4 gig iriver E100. It plays songs obviously but it also plays videos and pictures. It has expandable memory too.
My sisters and my dad also got MP3 players, but theirs aren't as good as mine :) In my opinion anyway. I'm sure they all think they got the better end of the deal.

Ah, today was Father's Day. My school didn't have a stall, so Mum and I got something for Dad together. It was a 2L bootle of Lift, some Toblerone and Turkish Delight and the movie Sahara. I'm sure he loved all the sweet stuff - he loves it to begin with and in a house with two diabetics you don't get sweet stuff too often.
Ya, I'm a type 1 diabetic. It's horrid :) But I'll live :)
Mum's type 2.
My sisters got Dad some random stuff.

I sat down with Mum and Dad and discussed electives. I've decided on sport science, visual art and visual design. I'm fine with that. Except I would've liked to do German, but you can only choose three ...

Hmm, I haven't said much about my family ... well, I've got a mum, dad and two sisters, Katherine and Emily. my sisters are both are younger than me. Kate's 12 and Em's 8. Their birthdays are either side of Anzac Day. My mum's birthday is the same as Bella Swan's (from Twilight) and Dad's is a month and a day after mine.
Easy birthdays to remember. Mine's the hardest. The past two birthdays I've woken up and forgotten it was my birthday. Now that is something to worry about ...

Hockey wasn't on Friday night. Must have been because it was so rainy and windy. So now the semfinal has been postponed ... i don't like that. get it over and done with! My team is probably gonna lose anyway!

Ok, I think I've finished raving for the day. Tho, I would like to rave about my new MP3 player, but that would bore the socks of anyone.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New addition to Artemis Fowl series!

Yo all

I'm getting 'Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox' either later today or sometime tomorrow!!! Yay! I've been waiting AGES for it to come out and read it! So I can't wait much longer.
The Artemis Fowl series is funny. But so sad Root dies. He is hilarious. And so much better than the next LEPrecon commander.
It sounds like SUCH a good book ...

I have a meeting about electives and stuff tonight. My school doesn't let you do your own electives until Yr 9, and I'm in Yr 8. Then we do our electives for the next two years, except for one which only runs for one year, then we have to do a computer course in its place. In all, we get three electives.
My electives are probably gonna be sport science, visual design and visual art. But I'm also considering music.
The sport science course sounds really good. There are sports like softcross, scuba diving, hockey ... And you also can get coaching, reffing and umpiring certificates. So, cool.

My thunb is slowly but surely healing up from that whack it got. But it's still covered in bruises :)
Nice and colourful.

Stupid computer speakers keep playing up. They don't listen when I tell them to work properly! Stupid speakers ...

Today was awesome. At school I was on office duty. Which means no work :) That's the way school should be :)
The most work I had to do was carry an overflowing recycling tub to the bin.

"I want it now, I want it now! Give me your heart and your sou-oul. I'm breaking out, I'm breking out ... "
Good song. 'Hysteria'.

Oh ya, thanks to all who voted on the poll!
It was: If you were offered a million dollars, would you ... 1) take it and run; 2) demand more; 3) blatantly refuse, or 4) take it and IMMEDIATELY spend it on the most useless thing EVA.
Well, 1 won, then came 4, 2 and 3 got no votes (pretty obviously ...). I think i woulda gone 4. I'm sorta like that :)

Do svadanya, drugi i padrugi!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Spoilers are evil, Muse is ABSOLUTELY not

I have finished reading Breaking Dawn! It was an awesome book. I don't understand those of you who hate it. But I won't say anything about what the book's about - cos SPOILERS ARE EVIL.
I also read another awesome book. It's called Golden.

Friday night i got hit hard on the thumb with a hockey stick. Now my whole hand around the thumb as well as the thumb itself is coated in bruises. Nice and colourful :). I can't do much with my hand tho, cos it does hurt and I can't bend it properly.
Good news tho: my hockey team won the game (FINALLY, a game we've won!) so we now have a semifinal this week!
I lost my soccer semifinal on Saturday so outta soccer til next year. A bit disappointing, lemme tell ya. I luv soccer.

This book I'm reading at the mo, Losing It, is a little strange. Maybe cos it's written by a Kiwi :).
But probably also cos the author hasn't really chosen the best personality for her characters ...? I dunno, it's hard to explain.

Well I'm disappointed - MAJORLY disappointed - in Collingwood to losing to Fremantle. Losing to Fremantle is pretty much impossible ...
Oh well. At least the Olympics aren't still on, or I'd be ranting and raving about the soccer hockey and handball. And absolutely hating countries for beating other ones :)

Muse is awesome.
Tho when I started listening to them I was thinking, these guys r weird. But I'm like that: I'll say one thing and the next day I'll say something completely opposite. Little Miss Keeps-Changing-Her-Mind, that's me a lot of the time :)

Neways, I'm off to put some Muse songs on my MP3 and do some work.