Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political madness


Well today in the drama room there was a large board thing up where u can tack stuff onto it. It was covered in all this stuff about saving Tibetan culture and ending Chinese censorship. I was thinking, "why the hell is this up in the drama room and what the heck is it on about anyway?". Cos I haven't heard of Tibetan culture being 'endangered' (in fact I hardly eva hear of Tibet) and never hearda censorship in China.
It seems like I here of a lot of political stuff nowadays. Like all this stuff on China (cos of the Olympics) and communism and wars about territory and independence and stuff. And I've been thinking "what's it got to do with me? And why is it all over the place NOW?" That sorta stuff.
I guess most people would point out how countries and all are lifting their borders and jabber on about globalisation and all. i say stuff that - cos a lot of this stuff doesn't seem to affect me at all, like that war in South Ossetia.
I'm confusing myself more, so I betta stop.

English at the mo is just analysing the humour in comics and cartoons. Easy, AND fun. But you don't get that often in any subject really, not just English.

"And six feet underwater and now I, now I do ..."

Just a random song line. Get used to them - I do that sorta thing a lot, especially in my diary.

I s'pose dat's all for today. Everyone get their educational fix?
Soz about it if ya didn like it.


Laura said...

OMFG. I love comics and cartoons.
I like The Simpsons.
So does Bella.

Sonja said...

I like comics and cartoons. A lot of mangas are really good.