Saturday, August 23, 2008

USA take yet another gold medal ...

Well, the US won women's soccer. You realise that in the last four Olympics they've gotten three gold and one silver? GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A CHANCE!
Of course, I would raving about how cool it was that they got gold if Mia Hamm was playing. But she retired sometime after the Athens Olympics, so ...
But seriously, she is AWESOME. She's done a lot for women in sport and also given a lot of money for bone marrow research. Thatta girl Mia.

Has everyone heard the song White Noise? It's done by my fave eva band, the Living End. U gotta luv em :)
Their awesome new album came out a little while ago. It's well worth listening to. I luv it.

The women's hockey finals stuff was neva broadcasted. That's stupid in my opinion. Nothing I can do about it tho. Oh well ...

On a lighter note, my soccer team beat another today, so we're in the semifinals (or whicheva it is). We're a cool team, we're doing so well after two new additions to the team (me and someone else) and going up a full two grades.

HOPEFULLY I get Breaking Dawn tomozza. My aunt is reading it SLOWLY ... And the library is still ordering them in, I think.
I'm also waiting on the new Artemis Fowl book. Which is coming from the library at some point or another. It sounds really good, with Artemis Fowl up against himself, and now with two annoyances in the form of TWIN SIBLINGS, and Minerva absolutely IDOLISING him ...
Soz for the spoilers, peeps ...


Laura said...

I might be getting Breaking Dawn this week. ASDHYSDGFHS. So exciting.

Good luck in your soccer team. I hope you can win the Grand Final like Collingwood are going to do this year.

White Noise is an AWESOME song. I totally agree with you.
The Living End played that song on Rove and I was all like, "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG."

And yeah.
Rove is on tonight so I won't be watching the Closing Ceremony.
I also have school tomorrow therefore I don't wanna stay up that late, lol. ^_^

Sonja said...

the closing ceremony is probs all show anyways, not too interesting.

thanx, we'll need the luck :)

i could rave all day about tle, so i'd better not go there.