Monday, August 18, 2008

Schools and dogs - nah, they don't mix, do they?

Another day at school ... Most exciting thing was the European handball, of course. But I also enjoyed doing equations in Maths. DON'T ask me why, that's the ONLY thing about Maths i enjoy. Plus, I know I'm a freak :P.
My Maths teacher is strange. She can be really helpful sometimes, really cross sometimes and really weird (as in in a pretending-to-be-a-Martian type way) at others.

I've missed out on SO much with the Olympics. I NEED to find out who won in the Japan vs USA women's soccer quarterfinal. And whether the Hockeyroos are still in (they BETTER be!).

For those Inside-A-Doggers, Steven Herrick is now the Writer in Residence! He is an awesome writer. He is also awesome cos he likes soccer.
For those who wanna check that stuff out, there's a link to Inside A Dog from this page SOMEWHERE. It's a cool Aussie teen book website, where they have news and authors blogging and reviews and stuff.
Check out the Twilight vid on it too. Hilarious!

Homework calls, and I must answer (eventually).

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