Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics are everywhere now ...

Oh my gosh, the Hockeyroos are AWESOME!
I was watching them play Thursday night. Poor South Africa.
And how fit they are! Apparently they can get at least 14 on the beep test. LEGENDARY.

The European handball was interesting. Watch some if you can.

I ABHOR the equestrian competitions. It cut into ten minutes of the Hockeyroos match. Not happy.

The women's football (soccer, whatever) Japan team is AWESOME too. They were playing China last night. China played really well, but they were splattered across the field. Japan is another whole league.
It was a really good game, extremely fast and all. Those Japanese are FAST! They had the ball most of the time, even thought the Chinese towered over them.

I was really annoyed at the Brazil v Norway women's soccer game. I wanted Norway to win, but they only started playing well towards the end of the match.

The Olympics are pretty much the only exciting thing on at the mo, and even then ...
So I've been getting bored.
And my remedies for the agonising condition for boredom aren't working.
Any ideas, anyone?

I'm done here, I guess. Bye.


(PPS. The time thing on the bottom STILL isn't working and it's SUPPOSED to be the right time zone ...)


Laura said...

14 on the beep test?!
I can only get to 3.
Sucks to be me.

I think all athletes and sportspeople have to reach 14 on the beep test.
I'm sure Dale Thomas could.
Except he hurt his knee. *tear*

Sonja said...

I can get 5 or 6, but i play a couple of sports ...
I dunno if ya have to or not, I'll check dat.

Beth said...

Hi sonja
my friend can do 11 on the beep test
she's really good at it
i lyk your blog

Sonja said...

Whoa, Beth, I think your friend is superhuman ...
Though I think when we did the fitness testing earlier on in the year, there were a couple of people hitting the 9-11 range.
Still ...