Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meine Lieblingsband ist ...

Today we had a Christian seminar at school. We get a fair few of them. Most people hate 'em. I don't mind them so much, but sometimes they do get a bit overbearing.
Today's one was actually pretty awesome. This band came in, Purified Testimony, and they performed a couple of their songs. It's a real shame they weren't a rock group (their style was rap/hip hop).

I'm listening to some Muse songs at the mo. They're an OK band, but sound a little strange live (lead's voice is high-pitched, for a guy). They're one of my friend's fave bands.

"You are a natural disaster ..."

We had to say what our fave band was in German today. Mine's easy. Meine Lieblingsband ist The Living End. Es ist SEHR cool!
For those of you who took French or Indonesian instead of German, you sad sad people, GET A DICTIONARY AND LOOK IT UP!

I like the music style of the Offspring. Nice hard stuff, and also really catchy.

A REALLY strange band is Placebo. If you've ever heard any of their songs, you'd know.

As you can tell, I'm raving about music today. Nothing better to do ...
But it is getting a little repetitive ...
So ...
See ya, "random stalkers"


Laura said...

Muse are awesome.
In some of the film clips, the lead singer wears a red suit.
And I'm all like, "Whoa dude."
Because red suits are AMAZING.
Especially red skinny leg jeans. I want a pair of red skinny leg jeans.

Sonja said...

Red skinny leg jeans? That IS awesome.
Ya, Muse are pretty cool. Most of the stuff I've listened to of there's is live so far, cos the couple of discs I got of them from the library so far are them recorded live.
There's a video clip of The Living End, I think it's Long Live the Weekend, where the drummer wears a bright red shirt. It looks cool.