Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hi from the DARK ages

Well, hi to everyone who finds it here in the early dark days of this blog. MUCH appreciated.

Just so's ya know, I'm am SO excited about Twilight coming out on movie. Love the Twilight books. Not that I'm a real romantic, I try to stay away from the heavy romance (though I DO like a bit), but the ACTION in Twilight! Awesome, on the edge of your seat stuff. Vampires are cool too.

My friend (and cousin) Madi and I are writing a book. Though I don't know how far we will get before we give up :) It does have a cool storyline though, and I SO envy some of our characters' names.

Who's been watching the Olympics? I've been TRYING to watch some of my fave sports, but their all on at night or during school hours. *sulking*. I want Australia to win the hockey, Russia to win soccer (or football, *whatever*) and ... I'll pick a country later that i want to in the European handball.

European handball is fun as. I'm playing it for PE at the mo.

I love the phrase "at the mo". You bloggers will hear it a lot, i reckon.

Over and out,


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