Friday, August 29, 2008

Cloudism, Mambo and an AFL team struggling in a MAGPIE'S grip ...

A couple of days ago a friend of my founded this really weird "religion" (if you can dare call it that). It's called Cloudism. For more info on it check this webpage out
or email
if they actually work. Cos I seriously doubt this thing - after all, I know one of the people who created it.

In Art we're doing Visual Puns. I'm doing an artwork about a holy cow. A friend is doing apple crumble (i'd mentioned it and she wanted to do it). More people are doing super star, bullfrog, horseshoe, serial killer (it's actually quite popular, mostly among the population of violent boys in my class) ... We are also doing stuff on Mambo, so we have to use that style, and we're also creationg a paper mache crature inspired by Mambo artwork.

Ok, if we want competitions, here's one: name a really good visual pun.

Fremantle and Collingwood are battling tonight. At least, Freo will be battling to gain some dignity. I mean, look at how many games they've lost this season! I reckon they'll lose. I also want them to lose cos if they win Caitlin's gonna be talking nonstop about it for the next week or so. It's painful :).
Soz Caits if u r reading this. Please don't kill me!
Well they r playing tonight so I guess I'll find out who wins soon ...

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Laura said...

I hope they win.
Dale Thomas may not play.
His calf is painful.
I feel sorry for him.
I wish I could just hug him...