Friday, August 29, 2008

Cloudism, Mambo and an AFL team struggling in a MAGPIE'S grip ...

A couple of days ago a friend of my founded this really weird "religion" (if you can dare call it that). It's called Cloudism. For more info on it check this webpage out
or email
if they actually work. Cos I seriously doubt this thing - after all, I know one of the people who created it.

In Art we're doing Visual Puns. I'm doing an artwork about a holy cow. A friend is doing apple crumble (i'd mentioned it and she wanted to do it). More people are doing super star, bullfrog, horseshoe, serial killer (it's actually quite popular, mostly among the population of violent boys in my class) ... We are also doing stuff on Mambo, so we have to use that style, and we're also creationg a paper mache crature inspired by Mambo artwork.

Ok, if we want competitions, here's one: name a really good visual pun.

Fremantle and Collingwood are battling tonight. At least, Freo will be battling to gain some dignity. I mean, look at how many games they've lost this season! I reckon they'll lose. I also want them to lose cos if they win Caitlin's gonna be talking nonstop about it for the next week or so. It's painful :).
Soz Caits if u r reading this. Please don't kill me!
Well they r playing tonight so I guess I'll find out who wins soon ...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Political madness


Well today in the drama room there was a large board thing up where u can tack stuff onto it. It was covered in all this stuff about saving Tibetan culture and ending Chinese censorship. I was thinking, "why the hell is this up in the drama room and what the heck is it on about anyway?". Cos I haven't heard of Tibetan culture being 'endangered' (in fact I hardly eva hear of Tibet) and never hearda censorship in China.
It seems like I here of a lot of political stuff nowadays. Like all this stuff on China (cos of the Olympics) and communism and wars about territory and independence and stuff. And I've been thinking "what's it got to do with me? And why is it all over the place NOW?" That sorta stuff.
I guess most people would point out how countries and all are lifting their borders and jabber on about globalisation and all. i say stuff that - cos a lot of this stuff doesn't seem to affect me at all, like that war in South Ossetia.
I'm confusing myself more, so I betta stop.

English at the mo is just analysing the humour in comics and cartoons. Easy, AND fun. But you don't get that often in any subject really, not just English.

"And six feet underwater and now I, now I do ..."

Just a random song line. Get used to them - I do that sorta thing a lot, especially in my diary.

I s'pose dat's all for today. Everyone get their educational fix?
Soz about it if ya didn like it.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meine Lieblingsband ist ...

Today we had a Christian seminar at school. We get a fair few of them. Most people hate 'em. I don't mind them so much, but sometimes they do get a bit overbearing.
Today's one was actually pretty awesome. This band came in, Purified Testimony, and they performed a couple of their songs. It's a real shame they weren't a rock group (their style was rap/hip hop).

I'm listening to some Muse songs at the mo. They're an OK band, but sound a little strange live (lead's voice is high-pitched, for a guy). They're one of my friend's fave bands.

"You are a natural disaster ..."

We had to say what our fave band was in German today. Mine's easy. Meine Lieblingsband ist The Living End. Es ist SEHR cool!
For those of you who took French or Indonesian instead of German, you sad sad people, GET A DICTIONARY AND LOOK IT UP!

I like the music style of the Offspring. Nice hard stuff, and also really catchy.

A REALLY strange band is Placebo. If you've ever heard any of their songs, you'd know.

As you can tell, I'm raving about music today. Nothing better to do ...
But it is getting a little repetitive ...
So ...
See ya, "random stalkers"

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hockeyroos ONLY got bronze ...

Yes folks I'm EXTREMELY annoyed and yes folks it's cos the Hockeyroos didn't get gold like they were SUPPOSED to and DESERVE to. I hate whicheva countries got silver and bronze.

A happy thought for today tho: my soccer team is third on the ladder at the mo! That means we're in the semifinals or whateva it's called. :) On the way to first :)

Has anyone heard 'Calypso' by Spiderbait? I luv it :)
"Sunshine on the window makes me happy like I should be
Outside all around me really sleazy then it hits me
Don't tell me ..."
If you've seen '10 Things I Hate About You' then you'll have heard it.

I had to watch that movie for English once, and write an essay on it. Talk about torture. And then the rest of my family gets obsessed with it and buy it and watch at least once a week ...

Another awesome song is THE LIVING END's cover of 'the Rising Sun'. The original is by Cold Chisel and tho it's ok TLE's version is so cool.

THE LIVING END! Oh they can make any song good ... They are AWESOME ...
Sorry guys. I guess I should stop raving now. :)

"Meanwhile in the moonlight purple people ..."
Purple people. Paints a good picture, huh.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

USA take yet another gold medal ...

Well, the US won women's soccer. You realise that in the last four Olympics they've gotten three gold and one silver? GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A CHANCE!
Of course, I would raving about how cool it was that they got gold if Mia Hamm was playing. But she retired sometime after the Athens Olympics, so ...
But seriously, she is AWESOME. She's done a lot for women in sport and also given a lot of money for bone marrow research. Thatta girl Mia.

Has everyone heard the song White Noise? It's done by my fave eva band, the Living End. U gotta luv em :)
Their awesome new album came out a little while ago. It's well worth listening to. I luv it.

The women's hockey finals stuff was neva broadcasted. That's stupid in my opinion. Nothing I can do about it tho. Oh well ...

On a lighter note, my soccer team beat another today, so we're in the semifinals (or whicheva it is). We're a cool team, we're doing so well after two new additions to the team (me and someone else) and going up a full two grades.

HOPEFULLY I get Breaking Dawn tomozza. My aunt is reading it SLOWLY ... And the library is still ordering them in, I think.
I'm also waiting on the new Artemis Fowl book. Which is coming from the library at some point or another. It sounds really good, with Artemis Fowl up against himself, and now with two annoyances in the form of TWIN SIBLINGS, and Minerva absolutely IDOLISING him ...
Soz for the spoilers, peeps ...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

*sigh* ... parents

What the heck are you supposed to do when you catch your mum or dad reading personal stuff you don't want em to? Cos, you know, you ARE supposed to obey em an all, but ...


I'm also annoyed cos Japan couldn't keep their lead (women's soccer, of course) in the half of their match I was watching. I'll watch the other half sometime soon, I taped it. Brazil beat Germany, also annoying (have I mentioned how I hate Brazil since they beat Norway?) ...
So it looks like it'll be a Brazil vs USA final. But I hope not. I guess I'll find out sometime.

Oh well.

Once again, thanks to all who've been reading so far, this thing is so YOUNG!
NO, I am NOT thinking of it as a kid (a.n.y.m.o.r.e.).
*Scaring myself*

Most peeps @ skool are watching the gymnastics. Um, WHY is what I'd like to know. I don't get gymnastics. Never have, never will.
Though when I had to do it for skool I loved bouncing on the trampoline. Then when I went to a proper place, I loved the huge tramps and the foam pit. But that's it. I simply can't understand it as a competition, or a sport.

Nothing much left to say, really, except for that I'm STILL waiting on Breaking Dawn and that my aunt who promised to give it to me, well her life is in jeopardy so she'd better watch out. ;) lol.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Twilight trailer spoof

For us Twilight fans out there, here's a good thing to watch:
It's hilarious, trust me.
Or if ya prefer to just search it on YouTube, it's called Twilight Trailer Spoof.

Schools and dogs - nah, they don't mix, do they?

Another day at school ... Most exciting thing was the European handball, of course. But I also enjoyed doing equations in Maths. DON'T ask me why, that's the ONLY thing about Maths i enjoy. Plus, I know I'm a freak :P.
My Maths teacher is strange. She can be really helpful sometimes, really cross sometimes and really weird (as in in a pretending-to-be-a-Martian type way) at others.

I've missed out on SO much with the Olympics. I NEED to find out who won in the Japan vs USA women's soccer quarterfinal. And whether the Hockeyroos are still in (they BETTER be!).

For those Inside-A-Doggers, Steven Herrick is now the Writer in Residence! He is an awesome writer. He is also awesome cos he likes soccer.
For those who wanna check that stuff out, there's a link to Inside A Dog from this page SOMEWHERE. It's a cool Aussie teen book website, where they have news and authors blogging and reviews and stuff.
Check out the Twilight vid on it too. Hilarious!

Homework calls, and I must answer (eventually).

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics are everywhere now ...

Oh my gosh, the Hockeyroos are AWESOME!
I was watching them play Thursday night. Poor South Africa.
And how fit they are! Apparently they can get at least 14 on the beep test. LEGENDARY.

The European handball was interesting. Watch some if you can.

I ABHOR the equestrian competitions. It cut into ten minutes of the Hockeyroos match. Not happy.

The women's football (soccer, whatever) Japan team is AWESOME too. They were playing China last night. China played really well, but they were splattered across the field. Japan is another whole league.
It was a really good game, extremely fast and all. Those Japanese are FAST! They had the ball most of the time, even thought the Chinese towered over them.

I was really annoyed at the Brazil v Norway women's soccer game. I wanted Norway to win, but they only started playing well towards the end of the match.

The Olympics are pretty much the only exciting thing on at the mo, and even then ...
So I've been getting bored.
And my remedies for the agonising condition for boredom aren't working.
Any ideas, anyone?

I'm done here, I guess. Bye.


(PPS. The time thing on the bottom STILL isn't working and it's SUPPOSED to be the right time zone ...)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I want Croatia to win in European handball.
Thanx to those who've looked here so far!
Yeah, the last post has a wrong time. Sorry.

Hi from the DARK ages

Well, hi to everyone who finds it here in the early dark days of this blog. MUCH appreciated.

Just so's ya know, I'm am SO excited about Twilight coming out on movie. Love the Twilight books. Not that I'm a real romantic, I try to stay away from the heavy romance (though I DO like a bit), but the ACTION in Twilight! Awesome, on the edge of your seat stuff. Vampires are cool too.

My friend (and cousin) Madi and I are writing a book. Though I don't know how far we will get before we give up :) It does have a cool storyline though, and I SO envy some of our characters' names.

Who's been watching the Olympics? I've been TRYING to watch some of my fave sports, but their all on at night or during school hours. *sulking*. I want Australia to win the hockey, Russia to win soccer (or football, *whatever*) and ... I'll pick a country later that i want to in the European handball.

European handball is fun as. I'm playing it for PE at the mo.

I love the phrase "at the mo". You bloggers will hear it a lot, i reckon.

Over and out,